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  • CNN
    Transcript of "Live from the Headlines"
    CNN, July 25, 2003

  • Fresh Air
    Listen to Dr. Glass discuss "the new infidelity crisis."
    National Public Radio, February 17, 2003

  • Connie Chung Tonight
    CNN; January 15, 2003

Press Articles


  • Unfaithfully Yours
    A happy marriage offers no guarantee against infidelity, says Shirley Glass
    People, May 19, 2003, p. 159

  • Why She's Gotta Have It
    How does a woman find happily-ever-after when human nature has us wired to cheat?
    Essence, April 2003, p. 160

  • Do Your Kids a Favor. Put them second--after your marriage
    Working Mother, March 2003

  • Infidelity: Some Friendly Advice
    Newsweek, March 3, 2003

  • When a Woman Strays
    Elle, February 2003, p. 121

  • Cosmo Quiz: What are your romantic expectations?
    Cosmopolitan, February 2003, p. 143

  • Exclusive Survey: Your marriage getting better all the time
    Reader's Digest, February 2003, p. 71

  • WHY GOOD MEN CHEAT -- Many women think cheating is only about "getting some," but they should think again. Emotional baggage and bad judgment--and even a woman's own behavior--are often at the root of a man's betrayal. Writer Nick Charles offers some insight about why cheating happens and suggests that it may not necessarily mean the demise of the relationship.
    Essence, January 2003, p. 104

  • We Just Clicked: Welcome to adultery, 21st century style, where the other man or woman is only a point and click away. By Leslie Milk. Washingtonian, December, 2002, p. 82.

  • Shattered Vows: Getting Beyond Betrayal:
    An Interview with Dr. Shirley Glass
    Psychology Today, July-August 1998

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