Denny Aarons with his housemates

Did Danny Aarons Cheat Tennessee? Viral Allegation TikTok Scandal

Recently, Danny Aarons has been facing several controversies, and his fans are curious if he did cheat on Tennessee or if the allegation is just a rumor.

A popular social media enthusiast, Danny Aarons was born on May 3, 2002, in London, England.

Since childhood, he has been very curious about football and gaming. Due to this interest, popular video games like Skate 3, Minecraft, etc., became his favorite pastime.

Gradually, Danny started taking an interest in social media and posting gaming videos on his YouTube channel in December 2016.

However, his popularity escalated after 2018 due to the Champ Challenges series. People also know him due to the popular show Locked In.

Lately, there is a rising concern about Danny Aarons cheating Tennessee Thresh all over the internet due to the viral TikTok scandal.

Did Danny Aarons Cheat Tennessee? The Undeniable Reality

Danny met Tennessee on the miniseries Locked In and other housemates participating in the show.

Tennessee Thresher is also a famous social media influencer, a model, and a Boxer. During the show, her friendship with Denny turned into an attraction.

Both Denny and Tennessee came close together through several games, talks, and flirts in the show.

Moreover, you can see several posts and videos in the Instagram posts and TikTok videos of Denny and Tennessee.

Denny cuddling Tennessee
Denny and Tennessee started dating after coming out from Locked In.

However, the rumors about Denny cheating on Tennessee have become hype nowadays.

But the truth is they are still together, as Denny Aarons did not cheat on Tennessee.

So, all the social media posts and videos prove that Danny Aarons did not cheat on Tennessee.

Moreover, their official videos and Instagram posts prove that Danny and Tennessee are still together.

Actually, Danny Aarons never let himself cheat Tennessee. This misunderstanding was raised after rumors about Danny breaking up with his ex-girlfriend to be with Tennessee.

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How Did Danny Aarons Cheating Allegation Start?

The cheating allegation of Danny Aarons started when a TikTok scandal about Danny Kissing Tennessee became viral on social media.

That video was unexpected to the fans as he once revealed that he is in a relationship with a girl two years older than him.

Moreover, he also mentioned that he love his girlfriend in the same episode.

Tennessee and Denny along with Locked In members
Footasylum Locked In brought Denny and Tennessee together. (Source: Instagram)

After the video took over social media, Danny’s ex-girlfriend’s Instagram post about their breakup got attention.

Danny’s ex-girlfriend’s Instagram post mentioned that they had been in a very happy relationship since the start of 2023.

However, she felt devastated when she found out he had been telling other girls they broke up in June. She also mentioned that she had been through the lowest point of her life.

Upon inquiry, he convinced her that they must break up. He gave up because of the extreme hate she received, and Danny could not bear that.

Despite all those unbearable situations, she stayed with Danny’s family while he was on Locked In. Also, she supported him fully when he finally came out of the show.

Danny’s ex-girlfriend also mentioned avoiding doing things that may lead to cheating on Danny.

Thus, she does not deserve any of these situations happening right now.

Tennessee hugging Denny , Did Danny Aarons Cheat
Denny’s Instagram stories with Tennessee prove he is with her after breaking up with his ex-girlfriend.

Several fans are happy and love seeing Danny and Tennessee together.

Some are also accusing Danny’s ex-girlfriend that her post is just to get attention.

However, many of them are also commenting that it’s insane to cheat on his girlfriend for the girl he flirts with on the show.

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