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H20 Delirious Wife Liz Katz Break Up News! Debunking Rumors

Recently, H20 Delirious, a YouTube personality known for gaming videos, raised curiosity among netizens due to speculations about his relationship with his wife, Katz. So, let us explore how this leads to curating rumors.

H2O Delirious, whose real name is Jonathan, is an American YouTuber and video game commentator.

He is best known for his Let’s Play and gaming videos, often featuring Gmod, GTA V, and Among Us.

Furthermore, he is also a part of the VanossCrew, a popular group of gaming YouTubers who frequently collaborate on videos.

H2O Delirious has been a popular YouTuber for over a decade and continues creating new content for his fans.

However, in recent times, H20 Delirious has been making headlines for the rumors of the breakup with his wife, Liz Katz.

H20 Delirious Wife Liz Katz Breaks Up Rumor: Is It True?

With the rise of internet information and rumors spreading like wildfire, keeping people updated on celebrity rumors.

As a YouTuber, H20 delirious and cosplayer, Lizkatz has a massive fanbase with many eyes on them.

Also, they have both been dating for quite some time now, and breakup rumors still shock many.

Nevertheless, fans were aware that H20 Delirious and his wife, Liz, had a complex and complicated relationship.

screenshot of Lizkatz's official account
After the hatred and allegations circulating online, it took a toll on Liz’s mental health. (Source: Reddit)

The couple began to date publicly from around 2017 and was expecting their first child in 2020.

Later, in September 2020, Jonathan confirmed the birth of their daughter, and in May 2021, they were expecting their second child.

In 2021, Liz faced accusations of online harassment and inappropriate behavior towards other creators. This created controversy and public scrutiny around their relationship.

But surprisingly, on January 2024, H20 Delirious announced that he and his wife Lizkatz had separated, but they would continue to co-parent their children and remain friends.

Nevertheless, the couple addressed the situation but continued to be a point of tension in their relationship.

In early 2022, they eventually announced their separation, citing irreconcilable differences as the reason for the breakup. So, it turns out the breakup rumor was indeed true.

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current relationship status Of H20 Couple: 2024 Update!

As of January 2024, H20 Delirious and LizKatz are not together and have been on a break.

Further, no confirmed information exists about how far he is in the relationship or who H20 Delirious is currently dating.

Some fans have speculated that he may be in a relationship with a fellow YouTuber or Twitch streamer, but these rumors are unconfirmed, lacking evidence to back them up.

Both are focused on their respective careers and raising their daughters.

While there have been occasional mentions and controversies involving each other, they generally maintain privacy about their current relationship status.

a screenshot from Lizkat's twitter
Later, Lizkat gets fed up and goes on Twitter to confirm the rumors. (Source: Twitter)

Jonathan has kept a low profile in his personal life, which helps to limit speculation and rumors.

As a result, there is no current significant information about his romantic life.

While fans have speculated about his relationship status, there is no confirmed information about who he is currently dating.

Despite this, fans love and enjoy his content equally and support him.

In conclusion, Jonathan’s current personal life remains a mystery, and he has not shared any information about his dating life.

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