About Dr. Glass

Dr. Shirley Glass was a highly respected psychologist and therapist, renowned for her groundbreaking work in the field of relationship therapy and infidelity. She held a distinguished reputation as an expert in understanding the dynamics of trust, intimacy, and the boundaries within relationships. Dr. Glass’s contributions to the field were marked by her insightful research and compassionate approach to therapy, making her a trusted figure for both her clients and fellow professionals.

She authored several influential works, most notably “Not Just Friends,” which became a seminal text in understanding emotional affairs and the complexities of maintaining healthy boundaries in friendships outside of a committed relationship. Her work offered deep insights into the nature of trust and betrayal and provided practical guidance for repairing and strengthening relationships affected by infidelity.

A blend of empathy, clinical expertise, and a deep understanding of human behavior characterized Dr. Glass’s approach. She was committed to helping individuals and couples navigate the challenges of their relationships, offering tools and strategies to foster communication, rebuild trust, and promote healing. Her legacy in the field of relationship therapy continues to influence therapists and individuals dealing with the intricate nuances of love, trust, and fidelity in relationships.

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