About the Book

“Not Just Friends” is a compelling book that delves into the complex world of emotional affairs and friendships that can jeopardize a committed relationship. This insightful work is often recommended for individuals and couples grappling with the boundaries of friendship and fidelity. The book explores how seemingly innocent friendships can evolve into emotional affairs, offering a deep understanding of how these connections form and their impact on primary relationships.

The author provides practical advice and strategies for recognizing warning signs, setting appropriate boundaries, and repairing trust in a relationship after an infidelity. “Not Just Friends” is a valuable resource for those looking to safeguard their relationships against emotional infidelity, as well as for individuals seeking to understand and heal from the consequences of these complex emotional entanglements. It’s a thoughtful exploration of modern relationships, emphasizing the importance of communication, transparency, and respect in maintaining the health and integrity of a committed partnership.