Lindy and Tim with their two children at a restaurant.

BubzBeauty Tim Cheating Pictures Goes Viral! Reddit Drama & Scandal

Following the public disclosure of the split between Lindy and Tim, a flurry of internet rumors has taken place, weaving together a web of accusations of infidelity loaded against BubzBeauty Tim cheating, with people allegedly holding up photos as proof.

Lindy Tsang is as famous in the beauty and lifestyle industry as BubzBeauty, with over 3 million followers on YouTube.

She shares different makeup and hair tutorials and her journey on the platform. Thanks to her online presence, she has secured brand deals with Maybelline and Verizon Wireless.

In 2015, Tsang raised $50,000 with the for-purpose organization ‘Pencils of Promise’ to help build two schools in Laos.

Lindy was living a wonderful life with her loving partner, Tim, as they were also expecting a baby soon.

In the COVID pandemic of 2021, BubzBeauty Tim cheating rumors began circulating on the internet.

So, let’s find out what happened to the couple and unveil the truth about the cheating pictures rumors.

BubzBeauty Tim Cheating Rumors: Is It True?

Many speculations and rumors came alongside the BubzBeauty, and Tim publicly split the news.

And netizens began to point out Tim for the split and were saying they knew it coming as the relationship between the couple often seemed tumultuous.

In the discussion, fans pointed out Tim frequently flew to Hong Kong after moving to Ireland for business.

bubzbeauty Tim cheating with girls at a restaurant with his hand around them.
There are photos of Tim with unidentified women that appear very intimate. It is clear that it’s Tim in the picture.

Tim was infamous for acting like a child and not taking his paternal responsibilities seriously.

After having their firstborn baby, Isaac BubzBeauty quoted how terrible the marriage between her and her husband became.

The couples’ lack of work experience and immaturity left them unprepared for challenges in the real world.

Although the netizens presume Lindy seems content with her partner Tim, they believe otherwise.

The internet commends her for having two children with her, as Tim finds a new partner less than a year after splitting.

Around 4 a.m. in Hong Kong, Tim was tagged in a picture with an unknown woman, stating they were ‘getting ramen together’ while Lindy was still in Belfast, taking care of the children.

Lindy's Instagram story
Lindy confirms the rumors about them growing apart from each other. (Source: Instagram)

He had a related computing job in Hong Kong; when they returned, he used to work remotely but still had to travel to Hong Kong for work.

The audience suspects the epidemic may have caused the breakup, but they also think the new lover may have arrived too soon before their feud.

Tim also worked for Lindy’s Beauty Company, but after things got cold between them, he no longer worked for Lindy’s Beauty Company.

What is BubzBeauty doing now? Update 2024!

People believe their connection was on the better side before Isaac was even born.

But with enough proof, it was clear that Tim was definitely cheating on BubzBeauty, Lindy.

The couple divorced in less than a year during the lockdown phase. And then, BudzBeauty fell in love with a new guy.

Furthermore, BubzBeauty Lindy recently got engaged to her fiancé recently.

Lindsay in her bedroom giving life updates.
Lindy finally gets engaged and talks about it in her recent video.

Netizens sincerely hope that this new man Lindy is seeing makes her happy and is not causing her any harm.

Given that Tim seemed to have had a girlfriend before the divorce, people wonder what has become of him since the split.

However, they tried their best and lived a hectic and stressful existence.

Nonetheless, Tim has been spending more time with the children lately. And we hope they are moving on with their lives peacefully.

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