Omah Lay viral video during his concert.

Watch Omah Lay Concert Video: Dancing With Fan’s Gf Goes Viral!

Nigerian singer Omah Lay invited a girl on stage in the viral video during his concert, and she gave it her all, causing fans to wonder how her boyfriend would feel about it. Let us find out.

Live concerts usually go viral, and Omah Lay’s concert video was no exception.

But this viral video was different. Millions of fans attended the live concert of singer Omah.

Furthermore, Omah has gained popularity over time with his talent and passion for singing and songwriting.

Nevertheless, he is always surrounded by controversies, even after having a successful career.

Amidst all the glitz and glamor, Omah Lay has found another controversy after he invited a girl on the stage during his concert and her inappropriate dancing video started making headlines.

Watch Omah Lay Concert Video: Who is That Girl Dancing?

Omah Lay was in the middle of singing and interacting with his fans here and there when he decided to invite a girl on stage.

The girl was attending the concert with her boyfriend and both seemed to enjoy the concert.

Soon, this dance ruined the duo’s evening. The girl initially danced with Omah Lay, keeping a distance.

Omah Lay posing for a photo.
Omah Lay’s original name is Stanley Omah Didia. (Source: Instagram)

But Omah bent the girl in a steamy position a few seconds later and started dancing.

While the audience went all out over their steamy dance moves, the girl’s boyfriend shook his head in disappointment.

In the viral concert video, Omah Lay also went out in a sensual dance with a girl he had just met, ignoring the audience.

Additionally, the girl’s boyfriend stood up and walked out of the concert, leaving his girlfriend alone.

A fan wrote in the comments of the video,

He walked away without causing a scene. He took his L that night & went on about his day. Most men can’t even do that. Props gang just let her fly,

Omah Lay during his concert.
Stanley Omah Didia was raised in the Nigerian city of Port Harcourt. (Source: Instagram)

One of the fans initially uploaded the video on Instagram.

But it soon went viral and was available everywhere, including YouTube.

Soon, entertainment media houses started posting articles about it, making the concert video of Omah Lay even more viral.

Omah’s unconventional approach to interacting with fans spontaneously on the stage was not felt appropriate by many.

Furthermore, Omah Lay’s concert video was all over the internet, and people had much to say about it.

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Dancing With Fan’s Gf Goes Viral: Did Omah stage it?

When the controversy was beginning to slow down, a PR analyst, Damilola, said the video was too good to be true.

First, Omah called his female fan on stage while singing his sensual song Bend You.

Omah took her far from the stage, dancing behind the curtain on the stage.

This is when his team lit up lights to make their shadow visible.

Omah Lay in a creative photo with music tools.
Omah Lay started in a rap group under the stage name Lil King. (Source: Instagram)

However, the scenes behind the curtain were so spontaneous that someone would never do with a person they had just met.

The dance took a steamy step, and the moves behind the curtains were sensual and progressively raunchy.

Furthermore, some fans even claimed the dance behind the curtain would never have been perfect if it had not been preplanned.

Besides that, lights dimmed in the front stage, and the spotlight on the middle of the curtain perfectly spotting Omah and the girl dancing sensually is too good to be true.

The viral video even looks professional and not something shot at a random go.

Besides that, the concert video went viral when Omah Lay was still performing on the stage, making it even more questionable.

Though these videos can be career damaging for some celebs, at present, singers use them as a tool to gain attention.

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