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J2hundred Cheating On His Girlfriend Kia Garcia: Psychological Reason

The news of J2hundred cheating on his girlfriend, Kim M. Garcia, with Astrid Wett has been the talk of the town. So, let us unravel the rumors and debunk any psychological reason.

J2hundred is a famous content creator whose engaging and entertaining videos have captivated the digital world.

He gained a massive fan following on TikTok and YouTube by showcasing his creativity and talents.

Born on February 9, 2002, J2hundred is 21 years old as of December 2023.

In addition to his online presence, he is also a rapper and has released music on various streaming platforms.

Nevertheless, the content creator, J2hundred, is currently the center of attention due to a cheating scandal.

J2hundred girlfriend Kia caught him cheating?

According to reports, J2hundred girlfriend, Kia M. Garcia, caught him cheating, but there has been no confirmation.

Since the news broke on the internet, it has sparked debate. Many people are now wondering if J2hundred’s girlfriend, Kia M. Garcia, caught him cheating news is true or not.

Nonetheless, Kia dropped a bombshell on social media by posting a candid TikTok video claiming she caught him with Astrid Wett.

This incident occurred in their shared apartment, which they moved into on December 5.

J2hundred and Kia together before she caught him cheating
J2hundred girlfriend, Kia M. Garcia, caught him cheating, as per various sources. (Source: Facebook)

On the other hand, J2hundred addressed the rumors about his relationship with Kia M. Garcia in a TikTok video.

He stated that their relationship was facing trouble for a long time since they moved out together a month ago.

Further, he clarified that they had been broken up for a while.

This public disclosure has stirred up significant attention in the spotlight of social media fame.

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is j2hundred Officially In A Relationship with Astrid Wett, then?

Despite the dramatic breakup with Kia M. Garcia, questions arise about the relationship of J2hundred with Astrid Wett.

While J2hundred and Garcia have confirmed their split, Garcia’s revelation of post-breakup interactions complicates the story.

She revealed text messages in which J2hundred appeared to beg forgiveness and promise improvement, implying that they maintained emotional ties despite their formal separation.

J2hundred getting silver play button from youtube
J2hundred relationship with Astrid is yet to get official confirmation. (Source: Instagram)

This emotional complication creates doubt about J2hundred’s relationship with Astrid Wett.

There is no official confirmation that J2hundred and Wett are dating.

Also, the situation remains unclear with public statements and private conversations.

Further, fans and followers are wondering if this is the start of a new chapter for J2hundred and Astrid Wett or if it is just a side story in the ongoing story of his recent breakup.

psychological reasons behind j2hundred cheating

There may be several psychological reasons behind J2hundred’s alleged cheating.

While specific details about the incident involving Kia M. Garcia and Astrid Wett are not available, some general reasons for cheating include:

1. Unmet needs: J2hundred and Kia M. Garcia’s relationship faced troubles, which could have led to unmet needs on either partner’s end.

2. Lack of healthy coping skills: If J2hundred was experiencing personal problems, he might have turned to cheating as an escape.

3. Narcissism:  J2hundred’s claimed cheating may indicate narcissistic tendencies.

4. Seeking excitement: J2hundred and Kia M. Garcia’s relationship may have become usual, encouraging him to seek excitement elsewhere, such as an affair.

5. Revenge: J2hundred might have been upset with Kia M. Garcia for some reason and used cheating as revenge.

6. Addiction: If J2hundred had a history of cheating or struggled with impulse control, he might have been unable to resist the temptation.

It is essential to remember that these are just possible psychological reasons behind J2hundred’s alleged cheating, and the actual reasons might be unique to his situation.

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