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All Of My Friends Hate Me Because Of What I Said TikTok Story Explained!

The internet is shaking up after a Reddit thread posted quite some time ago that recently went viral on TikTok ‘All Of My Friends Hate Me Because Of What I Said.’ Let’s discover an astonishing story of distrust behind the viral Reddit story.

On October 19, 2019, the popular Reddit post was added to the AITA thread under user @Interesting-Fox-4506, which recently went viral again on TikTok.

Two years ago, the author sought advice from fellow Redditors.

Netizens were immediately drawn to the story and began sharing their reactions and suggestions.

So let us analyze the Story of ‘All Of My Friends Hate Me Because Of What I Said,’ the events surrounding it, and the friend feud as we look into it.

All Of My Friends Hate Me Because Of What I Said: Friendships built on lies.

The author has a two-bedroom apartment that used to belong to his uncle. He made a friend, Mary, who had a hard time at home with abuse.

Therefore, he asks Mary to move in with him rent-free to free herself from debt. They had a great time together, enjoying each other’s company.

fighting friends
When it comes down to emotions, people can get swayed away and cannot see the lies behind the tears.

Mary pays off her debts, secures a promotion, and passes her driving test. At dinner later that night, the author hands Mary a card.

He says he’s proud of her accomplishments and how far she has come from all the abuse from her father.

However, she rolls her eyes, causing him to feel awkward in front of other friends.

Mary doesn’t talk to him for the rest of the night and acts normally despite the mixed reactions she gives him.

Major Twist In the Story! Hypocrisy at its finest

The author decides to sit down with Mary to clear things up.

A Uni friend calls him to discuss the situation and their feelings about Mary’s behavior.

One colleague reveals that she knows how the author treats Mary and accuses her of regularly abusing and belittling her.

He gets confused and heartbroken after hearing a series of lies that were spread about him by Mary to her work colleagues.

The author and friends discuss the messages, which reveal that Mary has been spreading lies about the author and their relationship.

They were concerned and wanted to know why Mary went so far and lied to such an extent.

A group of upset friends.
Things can go wrong when friends do not cooperate well.

One of the other colleagues leads the conversation, and Mary acts confused, claiming it was a miscommunication.

Mary breaks down as a colleague mentions the text messages, crying and begging forgiveness.

Going on to reveal that her tragic life story was all a lie and that her parents are divorced, but there was no abuse ever involved.

Mary’s mother also reveals that her father was never abusive and loved her and her mother.

The narrator kicks Mary out of their flat after she throws away years of friendship for sympathy points with her colleagues.

Finally, he plans to book therapy sessions.

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psychological analysis of all my friends hate me of what I said Story

Though all he wanted for Mary was betterment, the author here had to endure a series of lies covered up with more lies.

Let’s review the possible experiences he may have had.

He experienced an immense emotional rollercoaster in the past few years. And he’s more likely to develop a fear of attachment or abandonment in later life.

emotional trauma
This betrayal can erode trust in relationships, making it challenging for the individual to trust others in the future.

Emotional abuse is what the author may experience after years of severe trauma, depressive episodes, and an inability to trust people.

Hopefully, after he kicks Mary out of his life, everything seems much better for him, as he immediately schedules counseling.

It’s important to note that it’s not possible to diagnose anyone without any supervision or degree.

Meanwhile, Mary could have been experiencing the following psychological components:

  • Antisocial behavior is occasionally referred to as sociopathy. This type of personality disorder is hard to treat because of its impulsiveness and recklessness.
  • Narcissistic personality disorder is based on an excessive need for sympathy, going above and beyond for personal gain, and an inability to sense the emotions of others.
  • Victim complex is a personality trait of persons who believe they are constantly the victims of the harmful actions of others and desire the feeling of repeatedly being the victim.

Such people sometimes seek out, even encourage, their victimization to satisfy a psychological need.

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conclusion to the Story, all my friends hate me for what I said

The entire story appears as heaps of lies and years of betrayal.

We cannot solely judge a person based on a single event without fully knowing what caused her to act a certain way.

Mary could’ve likely suffered from such trauma in early life, which can have a toll on her overall psychological well-being.

Judging from the story above, all my friends hate me for what I said. Nobody should be able to pass judgment on others or provoke hatred.

Not all harm is physical; psychological abuse is a stepping stone to more serious dangers.

If you or someone you know is experiencing a comparable situation, please contact Vantage Point Recovery.

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