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My Neglectful Parents Always Preferred Viral TikTok Story Explained!

After a Reddit thread published a viral TikTok video, ‘My Neglectful Parents Always Preferred My Disabled Sister,’ the internet has been shaking up recently. So, Let’s find out the reason behind the emotional story.

The post went viral on TikTok and was published on December 23, 2023.

It was posted by the Crazy Short Stories, who was seeking advice from the netizens.

The story quickly grabbed the attention of millions of viewers, and they started sharing their personal family matters.

Similarly, after the relation stories made a video, ‘My Neglectful Parents Always Preferred,’ publicly, the story spread out all over the internet.

So, let’s look at the story of ‘My Neglectful Parents Always Preferred,’ what happened, and why parents neglect their children.

My Neglectful Parents Always Preferred: Fully Explained

The author explains how ‘My Neglectful Parents Always preferred my disabled sister’ over him.

His disabled sister was born when he was 2 years old and was diagnosed with Down syndrome.

In childhood, she had more attention from his parents, but he didn’t have a problem since he liked playing with her.

But as they grew up, things changed. He couldn’t watch his favorite games whenever she watched music videos.

Likewise, he was ignored when he scored full marks, but his sister was praised and got 50% on it.

Narrator's family taking selfie together.
The narrator’s parents only fulfill his sister’s wishes but never fulfill his wishes.

Even though his parents hurt his feelings, he kept studying hard, as his dream was to be a lawyer.

One day, the family organized a vacation to Disneyland without even telling him and took his sister to Disneyland.

He requested to join them, but his parents refused because he was a boy.

Similarly, he wanted to eat something, but his parents always cooked his sister’s favorite food.

On his 16th birthday, his family promised to take him somewhere and eat Italian food.

Unfortunately, his family canceled it by saying his sister was allergic to restaurant food, which was a lie.

Likewise, his parents weren’t listening to him even if he shared the truth that she wasn’t allergic

One day, his sister wanted to eat sushi in one of the expensive restaurants, but his family easily agreed.

Shockingly, the family again neglected his wish on his special day. However, the narrator decides to disappear with his friends on his birthday.

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What Happened After he returned to home?

In the early morning, he went to hang out with friends and have a good time.

After some hours, he started getting angry messages and calls from his parents but refused to come home.

When he returned home, his parents yelled at him and took his phone away.

At last, he took a lesson: I had to escape because no one in this house cared about him.

Likewise, he found a job and spent the next two years saving enough money to move out.

A man running beside the sea.
The narrator finally ran away from home after being neglected by his parents.

His family thought he was becoming a rebel who stayed out until late, and he was always scolded.

However, it didn’t disturb him because he desperately needed a scholarship to study at law school.

Near his 18th birthday, he saved nearly $3000 and was ready to pack everything to move out without telling anyone.

On his 18th birthday, the narrator prepares everything and leaves home forever.

As a result, this story explains how he was neglected by his whole family, who never cared about him.

Additionally, this story emotionally attaches to the narrator’s feelings and becomes independent and inspirational in his own way.

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