Dana Perino in the news room with tattoo on her arms.

Does Newscaster Dana Perino Has Any Tattoo? Design & Meaning

Newscaster Dana Perino recently shared a snap on Twitter with a tattoo on her arms, which has created a buzz on social media. However, people are getting more curious and wondering if she has more. Let’s find out!

Dana Perino was in first grade when she visited the White House on vacation. She vowed to work in the White House one day and eventually went through it.

Perino worked in the White House as Press secretary alongside President George W. Bush, making her childhood dream come true.

However, she has done many notable passion projects besides working in the White House.

From co-hosting on The Five to presenting political news for Fox News, Dana Perino has captivated an enormous audience, making her snap of Tattoo go viral.

How Many Tattoo Does Dana Perino Have? Design Meaning

Dana Perino has always worked in a formal setting, so getting a tattoo might not be ideal.

However, Perino has uploaded a tattoo snap on her Twitter account, which made many people curious to know more about its meaning.

Dana Perino has tattoo on her both her arms, where on one arm it has the name Jasper, and on the other, it has pictures of her pet dog Jasper of Vizsla’s breed.

Moreover, she also introduced her dog on television during one of her episodes on Fox News.

Dana Perino enjoying with her dog on beach.
Dana Perino is 51 years old as of 2024. (Source: Instagram)

Many dog lovers and people in general appreciated her gesture. It was evident that Dana loved her dog Jasper immensely.

She has even written a book called Let Me Tell You About Jasper on her dog Jasper. 

Dana’s dog Jasper died on September 4th, 2021, making Dana weak and heartbroken.

Hence, the tattoo signifies the love for her late pet dog, Jasper, and conveys how important Jasper was for her life.

Dana Perino in News room with her colleagues during break.
Dana Perino is a member of the Republican Party. (Source: Instagram)

Nevertheless, while Dana Perino shared the picture of her tattoo,  she wrote a caption saying

If Dana Perino ever got into Tattoos. Ok I had to look twice. Ha!

Dana has never really confirmed if those tattoos were real or those were photoshopped.

Amidst all the speculation, Dana Perino has come out as a beautiful personality, making people curious about her life.

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Who is Dana Perino’s Parents? Family, Lifestyle More

Dana Perino was born in a small town called Evanston in 1972 as the daughter of Jan Perino and Leo Perino.

Shortly after her birth, her parents decided to move to Colorado, but she visited Evanston throughout her childhood.

Dana shares a special bond with her childhood best friend and sister, Angie Perino.

Moving to her relationship status, Dana met her present husband, Peter McMahon, coincidently on an airplane.

Dana Perino on vacation with her husband.
Dana completed her Master’s degree at the University of Illinois Springfield. (Source: Instagram)

They both sat side by side and decided to exchange their contact information at the first meeting.

After a few years of a long-distance relationship, the couple decided to get married in 1998.

In an Interview, Dana described her impression of Peter as

“Oh, he’s cute, and he’s not wearing a wedding ring, and he has a British Accent.

Since Peter was a UK citizen, Dana initially moved in with Peter in the UK after their marriage, but soon they moved to the USA.

Dana resides in a peaceful Bay Head, New Jersey, area with her husband and her newly adopted dog, Percy.

She still has an active career as a co-anchor on America’s Newsroom program and co-hosts on The Five.

Dana has also started her passion project of public relations and relations firm Dana Perino And Company.

Perino has introduced podcasting in her long list of career achievements, where she interviews people with independent opinions on politics.

Dana’s journey from dreaming to working in the White House to becoming the first female Press Secretary for president is testimony of growth and success.

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