Tayler Holder showing his tattoo on the trek.

How Many Tattoo Tayler Holder Has? Number, Design & Meaning

With the rise in fame of Tayler Holder from a TikTok celebrity to a singer, he has captivated attention with his talent and tattoos. Let us find out the meaning of his tattoos.

Tayler Holder started his career on TikTok during the pandemic. He got fame on the platform with his lip-syncing video in 2019.

He started working on his TikTok video seriously after he gained a fan following of over 20 million, making him the 169th most followed TikTok Star.

After his popularity on social media, he launched his music series Never Was You in January 2022.

Apart from that, a unique tattoo of Tayler Holder, which he often shows on his TikTok video, has made many viewers curious and excited to know about their meanings.

Tayler Holder Tattoo: Numbers, Designs, and Meaning

Tayler Holder is flaunting his tattoo on Instagram and in his live singing concert.

When Tayler started getting into tattoos, he made unique tattoos on his chest and arms.

The tattoo on his chest has a Roman number, which is 873. However, he has never revealed the real meaning behind the number.

Tayler Holder on trek with his fans.
Tayler Holder started posting on TikTok when he was 18. (Source: Instagram)

On his left arm, he imprinted an edgy tattoo of a rose, which generally signifies love and passion.

Recently, as seen in Instagram snaps, Tayler Holder has made numerous tattoos on both his legs, back, wrist, palmar side, and left arm.

However, the exact number of tattoos has not yet been revealed by Tayler Holder.

The influencer and singer Tayler Holder has a guitar tattoo on his left arm, which signifies his love and passion for music.

Tayler also got tattoos of three swords with a heartbeat line side by side and a written text of patience.

The tattoo of three swords in the tarot reading means heartbreak and betrayal, which Tayler Holder must have experienced.

Similarly, his word Patience tattoo, needless to explain, signifies the importance of patience.

Tayler Holder has a tattoo of a compass rose between his left wrist and elbow and a written text of UNDER APPRECIATED.

However, he has not revealed the meaning of the compass rose yet.

Though, it might mean not to be directionless at difficult times and when he is underappreciated.

Tayler Holder has countless tattoo, all having deep meaning for him to imprint on his body permanently.

But does he have hobbies other than tattoos? Let’s find out.

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Does Taylor Holder have Other Hobbies?

Besides his love for tattoos, Tayler Holder has many other hobbies, including love for dogs and motor racing.

Tayler has a pet dog, Eli and Kiah. Both dogs are Pomeranians and have their own Instagram account, @imKiah.

He is also highly passionate about motocross racing and dirt bike racing.

Tayler Holder in Gym working out to keep himself healthy.
Taylor Holder’s siblings are also TikTok stars. (Source: Instagram)

Along with all this, he is also a traveler. He has recently visited France, and visiting Iceland is on his top bucket list.

With all this, Tayler Holder is also a loving son to his parents and could be an affectionate boyfriend.

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Tayler Holder Parents: Siblings, Relationship Status, and More

Tayler was born on August 19, 1997, as the son of Monte Holder and Wendy Holder, business owners.

He has also featured his brother Trevor Holder and sister Abby in his TikTok and YouTube videos, providing them a platform to shine.

Moving on to his relationship status, Tayler Holder had a romantic relationship with a fellow Instagram creator.

Tayler Holder spends quality time with his best friend after concert.
Tayler Holder recently posted a snap with his best friend on Instagram, saying imagine getting to date your best friend. (Source: Instagram)

However, his link-up rumors with actress and model Kaylyn Slevin grabbed the attention of his fans.

Almost two years back, Tayler posted a video on YouTube titled Mukbang With My Girlfriend with a fellow YouTuber, Scarlett Johnson.

Nevertheless, he has not officially addressed whether he is in a relationship.

Tayler Holder started as an influencer but currently enjoys the fame of a singer. His journey is a testament to passion and hard work.

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