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Is Youtuber Landon McBroom Gay? Gender And Sexuality Details

Recently, a successful YouTuber, Landon McBroom, has gained significant attention regarding his sexuality, and fans are curious to know whether he is gay. Let’s find out!

Landon McBroom is a popular YouTuber born on September 26, 1996, in Los Angeles, California, United States.

Landon spent most of his childhood with his young brother Austin, a YouTuber and former ‘NCAA’ basketball player.

Moreover, he completed his high school at Paraclete High School and graduated from the University of California Los Angeles.

Landon McBroom is a well-known YouTuber with 2.82 million subscribers on his YouTube channel ‘This Is L& S.

Apart from that, Landon McBroom is also a boxer, social media influencer, content creator, and entrepreneur.

Further, due to his popularity, many are curious about his relationship, while some are asking if Landon McBroom is gay. Let’s find out!

Is Youtuber Landon McBroom Gay? Gender And Sexuality Details

As a famous YouTuber and internet personality netizens are curious about the gender and sexuality of Landon McBroom and wonder if he is gay.

The gay rumors might have emerged as there is no information regarding his marriage and relationship at the present time.

Moreover, some viewers think he behaves more like a girl, and in the video, he often seems to be flirting with boys, which might have also led to the gay rumors.

However, apart from all these rumors, Landon McBroom has not confirmed him being gay nor denies it.

Landon McBroom laying on sofa.
Landon McBroom was accused of abusing his girlfriend. (Source: Facebook)

However, talking about his past relationship, he was in love with a girl named Shyla Walker with whom he got into controversy for abusing her.

Moreover, the rumors also stated that he wanted to have a girlfriend and a child right away.

Regarding the story, there were many positive and negative comments.

Some critics also said that he shows unusual behavior towards his girlfriends.

All these alleged behavior of Landon McBroom makes his fans suspicious about his gender and as a result some people think he is gay.

However, not much information was provided by him that could justify whether he is gay or not rumors.

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Does Landon have a girlfriend? Relationship status check

Due to the rising concern about Landon’s gender, people are also curious about his relationship status.

Regarding his relationship status, Landon McBroom was in a long-term relationship with a popular social media influencer Shyla Walker.

Landon and Shyla became friends through Twitter and they started dating each other after some time.

After their bond grew stronger, they decided to buy an apartment and live together in Los Angeles.

The couple created their couple channel i. e. This is L& S on YouTube and they post unique and interesting content.

Landon and Shyla's daughter being together.
Shyla Walker separated from Landon and took her daughter with her. (Source: Facebook)

Likewise, their channel grew to 2.82 million subscribers, and they became a popular couple on Youtube.

After a few years, the couple gave birth to a daughter, Souline McBroom, in December 2019, before their marriage.

After some time after the birth of their first child the couple started having relationship issues, with got only worse with time.

As per the source, Shyla accused that she was abused and beaten, and her child was three times kidnapped by Landon.

Later as their marriage was not working out, the couple decided to separate in May 2021 and Shyla took her daughter with her.

After their divorce there has not been any news about him dating any other gilr.

It might be because he wants to keep his personal life private, however Landon McBroom gay rumor took place, creating another controversy.

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