A malignant narcissist having arrogant behavior

Why Are Malignant Narcissist Sadistic? Understanding The Psychology

Do you have a friend, partner, or colleague who ticks all of the boxes of a malignant narcissist personality and makes you think they are sadistic on top of it?

Narcissism is a personality trait characterized by an excessive focus on one’s own grandiosity and a belief that they are the most important individual in a world that revolves around them.

Narcissists often disregard the feelings of others, constantly seeking validation and praise for their perceived greatness.

They may view people as mere objects to fulfill their needs and exploit them without regard for their emotions.

Meanwhile, the malignant narcissist is a person with severe narcissism with antisocial, aggressive, and sadistic traits alongside narcissistic traits.

So, let us explore who malignant narcissist people are and why they exhibit sadistic behavior and understand the psychology behind them.

Who are malignant narcissists?

A malignant narcissist is an abusive person who finds pleasure in lying, manipulating, and using other people to get the things that they want.

In simpler terms, malignant narcissism is when someone thinks they are better than everyone else and doesn’t care about how they hurt others.

They like being mean and aggressive to get what they want, which makes them powerful.

A malignant narcissist girl thinking she can do anything she want.
People with malignant narcissism personality think very highly of themselves.

Some people can be really hard to be around, and sometimes they can even be unsafe or cause harm.

However, it’s not an official name for a mental illness, but it’s a way to describe a really bad kind of narcissism.

Here, we will discuss why malignant narcissists are highly sadistic from a psychological point of view.

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Why are malignant narcissist sadistic? Understanding the psychology

Malignant narcissist people are naturally sadistic and enjoy causing pain, suffering, or humiliation to others.

Following are some psychological reasons why malignant narcissist are sadistic:

  1. Malignant narcissists lack empathy, which makes them unable to take responsibility for their actions.
  2. Further, they think highly of themselves and enjoy being mean to others.
  3. They even manipulate and try to trick others to achieve their goals.
  4. Many think they are better than others and try to make themselves feel more important.
  5. They might even cheat on their partners because they think they can do whatever they want.
  6. Moreover, they hurt people who don’t do what they want or give them the attention they want.

Concisely, malignant narcissists are sadistic due to their lack of empathy, arrogant behaviors, cruel behavior, need for narcissistic supply and punishment of their victims.

This kind of behavior is really bad and can make the people they hurt feel really scared and sad, and it can make it hard for them to trust others and feel good about themselves.

How do you deal with Malignant narcissists?

It’s really challenging to deal with people with malignant narcissistic personalities.

They are selfish and very mean to others and can hurt your feelings. If you have to deal with one of them, the only thing you can do is to protect yourself.

So, how will you protect yourself from such people?

Firstly, try to keep some distance from them, like not talking to them as much and avoiding places where they might be.

Furthermore, let them talk about themselves and set rules about how they can treat you.

Malignant Narcissist Sadistic
Malignant narcissists are very mean and cause harm to others.

Listen carefully! You can’t change people with such personalities. So don’t try as well.

Arguing with them is risky because they might get even meaner to you. Instead, focus on taking care of yourself and loving yourself more.

Remember that their bad behavior is not your fault, and you deserve to be treated nicely.

Moreover, if you are in a relationship with a mean person, it might be best to leave for your happiness.

You can even talk to a therapist or counselor fromĀ Psychology Today. They can help you feel better about dealing with a mean person.

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