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Numa Turcatti Wikipedia, Age: Meet Society Of The Snow Narrator

The narrator of the Netflix show Society of the Snow, Numa Turcatti, is no less than a hero, and his story is now getting the praise that it deserves. Now, netizens are on the lookout for Numa Turcatti Wikipedia page to learn more about him.

Numa Turcatti was a 24-year-old young man from Montevideo, Uruguay.

He was one of the unlucky passengers from Flight 571 which unfortunately crashed in the Andes mountains on 13 October 1972.

Netflix has made a film about the plane crash revolving around the struggles of the survivors after the crash until their rescue.

The film is Society of the Snow and the makers of the film have chosen Numa Turcatti as the story’s narrator.

As soon as the movie was released, it left the viewers in awe, leading them to search for his Wikipedia for more info.

Numa Turcatti Wikipedia: Surviving The Devastating Plane Crash

At the time of the plane crash, Numa Turcatti was a law student.

The flight had 19 members of the Old Christians Club rugby union team and others were their friends, relatives, and supporters.

Numa was also there to support his friend in his match.

All the passengers on the plane were very excited and looking forward to a nice Rugby match.

Numa Turcatti Wiki
Numa Turcatti was so young, but his actions and Wikipedia resemble those of a very wise man. (Source: Twitter)

However, fate had other plans as the plane crashed into one of the mountains from the Andes mountain ranges.

The plane lost both its wings and a tail cone and fell 725 down from a glacier.

Nine of the passengers, including the cabin crew and the pilots, were immediately dead.

Others did survive, but due to extreme temperatures and injuries, most of them slowly started dying as well.

The remaining survivors were losing all their hopes, there was no food to eat and they had many injuries.

Numa Turcatti old picture
Numa Turcatti had a very short life, but his legacy still survives. (Source: Twitter)

They had to eat the flesh of the dead victims to survive.

Numa Turcatti did not want to indulge in cannibalism and he was trying to find a way out of the situation.

He had made many attempts to search for help by hiking throughout the day without any food in his body.

Despite such harsh circumstances, he desperately tried to find a way but had to give up.

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Numa Turcatti’s Sacrifice and Heartfelt Goodbye!

They were way up in the mountains where no one lived and no one visited.

Even the rescue team could not track them for months, so it was seemingly impossible to get any help.

Numa finally gave up and ate the survivor’s flesh to keep himself going.

Unfortunately, for Numa, he had got himself injured while he was kicking a plane window.

He initially did not think anything of the injury, but later, it led to his death.

Although he did not survive to come back home to his family, his story touched many people’s hearts.

Numa Turcatti Wikipedia
Numa Turcatti and his Wikipedia both are very inspiring to the young people in today’s world. (Source: Twitter)

The way he was so determined to help everyone who was with him during the whole survival struggle, made everyone hearing the story in tears.

He was extremely selfless and very caring of other people even though he was in great worry.

Numa had written a note to his other surviving friends before he died.

In the note he had written a bible verse which suggested that he was extremely privileged to have got the opportunity to lay down for his friends.

Despite the heartfelt story of Numa Turcatti, there is no Wikipedia page of his name.

But with the growing popularity of the show, Numa Turcatti will have a dedicated Wikipedia page in the near future.

Nonetheless, even though he did not survive in the end, he still left a mark that continues to live on forever.

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