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Riley Gaul Wikipedia: Boyfriend Who Killed Emma Walker Knoxville

The murder case of Emma Walker by his boyfriend, Riley Gaul, shook the internet and gained worldwide attention for what happened. So, does Wikipedia have any information about Riley Gaul? Let’s find out!

Riley Gaul was an 18-year-old high school student from Knoxville, Tennessee.

Before the incident, people saw Riley as a talented and well-known football player.

He completed his childhood in Knoxville, and when he grew up, he became passionate about athletics and outdoor games.

Riley met Emma while she was cheering for his team, and they both started dating after a while.

However, there came a shocking incident when Emma’s parents found her dead inside her room. Police later proved that the murderer was Riley.

Gradually, the news started spreading everywhere, and many people searched for Riley Gaul on Wikipedia out of curiosity.

Riley Gaul Wikipedia: The Boyfriend Who Killed Emma Walker Knoxville

When Emma Walker joined the same school as a fresher, Riley Gaul was a high school junior.

Emma was a beautiful 16-year-old girl living in Knoxville with her parents, who later joined the cheerleaders’ team.

While he was a junior, he noticed Emma and was attracted to her.

Riley Gaul and Emma smiling
Riley and Emma started dating in high school, but things did not work out well. (Source: Twitter)

As people used to admire Riley, their popularity also made Emma fall for him, and both started dating.

Emma and Riley were happy with each other at the beginning of the relationship.

However, their relationship took a turning point as Emma did not take long to know they were not made for each other.

Thus, when Riley went to college in 2016, she broke up with him. However, Riley did not take it quickly, and it made him do a horrifying thing: murder.

When police investigated the case, they noticed everybody who knew Emma suspected Riley. When they reached him, Riley was busy posting about Emma on social media.

Riley in court with police
Riley accepted that he shot Emma with his grandfather’s gun. (Source: Twitter)

Riley’s friends helped the police to prove Riley Gaul killed Emma. In the court, Riley accepted that he killed her, although he did not have any intentions of murder.

Thus, Riley Gaul was sentenced to 51 years of prison as a punishment for killing Emma Walker in the end.

He is currently 25 and serving his life inside Northwest Correctional Complex in Tiptonville, Tenn.

Although the murder case grabbed worldwide attention, Riley Gaul has no Wikipedia page highlighting his crime.

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What Did Riley Gaul Do To Emma Walker? Exploring The Facts

While Riley and Emma were in a relationship, everything was smooth for some time.

After some time, Emma’s friends and family noticed that he was over-possessive and controlling towards Emma.

Emma’s parents also found Riley’s disrespectful messages and forbade her from meeting him later.

Due to his possessive nature, Emma decided to break up with Riley. However, she did not know something horrible was waiting for her.

After the breakup, Riley tried to do terrible things, like faking his kidnapping and emotionally blackmailing Emma.

On November 1, 2016, Emma was alone and saw someone in a black dress roaming near her house. She immediately informed her friends and also called Riley.

Riley's friends who confessed about Rile's murder
Due to Alex McCarty and Noah Watson’s participation, the police succeed in proving Riley as a murderer. (Source: Twitter)

Later, she found out that the man in a black dress was no one but Riley himself. She also discovered that Riley had been stalking her every time since their breakup.

On the November 2 morning, Emma’s parents found her dead inside her room. They first thought it was a suicide.

However, after the investigating team arrived, they found two bullet marks on the wall. One bullet hit Emma near her ear.

Upon further investigation, Riley’s friends confirmed that he was asking them how to remove the fingerprint from the gun and dispose of it.

This made it easy to prove that Riley Gaul was the actual murderer.

Riley also confirmed in the court that he hit the gun, but his intention was only to scare her.

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