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Did Charlie And Tiana Break Up? Relationship Update 2024

Recently, the rising concern about the break up between Charlie and Tiana is taking over the internet. So, is the rumor true or just an assumption? Let’s find out! Shall we?

Charlie Christopher White Jr. is a famous American content creator born on August 2, 1994, in Tampa, Florida.

Due to his massive popularity in online commentary on video games, he has earned huge fans worldwide.

However, Charlie is not only limited to content creation. His capabilities to handle diverse careers in the digital world, such as spanning esports, music, etc., have made him more popular.

Thus, due to their versatile abilities, his personal life has also gained a lot of public eye.

Lately, the rumor about the break-up between Charlie and his long-term girlfriend, Tiana, has been spreading rapidly, and the fans are interested in knowing if it’s true or just a rumor.

Did Charlie And Tiana Break Up? Exploring The Relationship!

The relationship between Charlie and Tiana began in 2016. Since then, they have been a perfect example of a happy couple.

However, the fans started assuming about their separation when both suddenly stopped posting photos or videos together.

Gradually, the assumption became a rumor when many people started spreading it.

Tiana and Charlie smiling before break up
Tiana and Charlie were a perfect couple in the eyes of the public. (Source: Instagram)

Finally, the gossip turned out to be true when Charlie uploaded a post on Instagram about the break up with Tiana at the end of December.

Charlie also confirmed that they mutually decided to end their journey together a few months ago.

Despite their break up, Charlie and Tiana never failed to maintain a positive and respectful connection.

Before their break up, Charlie and Tiana had three dogs whom they cared for and loved.

Charlie said that both are co-parenting those three animals together.

Tiana and Charlie celebrating Halloween
Tiana and Charlie shared their happy and sad moments for seven years. (Source: Instagram)

This highlights that they are actively committed to harboring their responsibilities, although they no longer share romantic bonds.

Additionally, Charlie mentioned that there is no bad blood between him and Tiana, and both love each other as friends.

He also requested the fans to respect their privacy regarding the details of their break up.

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All About Tiana Tracy: A Popular Social Media Influencer

Tiana Tracy got the spotlight due to her relationship and break-up with Charlie. However, she is more than just Charlie’s ex-girlfriend.

Talking about her personal life, Tiana was born on November 9, 1997.

She completed her graduation from Hillsborough Community College in 2020.

Her passion for pets and animal care helped Tiana get a degree in veterinary technology. Overall, her academic achievements are excellent.

Tiana’s academic achievements are not just limited to her degrees. She proved her passion for animals by raising three dogs with Charlie.

Tiana and Charlie with their pet
Even after their break up, Tiana and Charlie co-parent their pet together. (Source: Instagram)

Besides being a veterinarian, Tiana is also a fantastic photographer. You can see her photography skills on her Instagram, too.

Tiana’s photographs also share a glimpse into her daily life. She has also posted many stunning photos of herself.

However, Tiana does not reveal her personal information more often, choosing to keep her personal life private and far from social media.

Nevertheless, the details about her relationship with Charlie and her passion for veterinarians, photography, etc., have made her popular among many fans.

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