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Suicides This Year 2024: Understanding And Addressing The Rising Concern

Many beautiful lives shortened as approximately 700,000 people took their lives, making suicides the leading cause of death last year, and analytics suggest it will spike more in 2024.

It’s a concerning issue that ruins the victims along with their loved ones, leaving them with scars that last forever.

In the modern era of convenient lifestyle patterns, what could cause such vile thoughts to overpower an individual?

How helpless could a person feel that taking one’s life would appear to be more liberating than being alive?

Is death taken so lightly, or is the state of helplessness and self-hatred so deeply rooted that it feels beyond possible to break free?

Here, in this article, we shall find out about this extremely saddening issue and look into the reasons behind spiking suicides this year, 2024.

rising suicides Rates among teens In 2024

Jokes on self-slaughter and hashtags such as suicide and KMS (Kill Myself) are always so trending.

What’s more horrifying is that people take terms like murder and killing lightly and normalize them as a form of coping.

Furthermore, on the deep web, it isn’t uncommon to find groups of people glorifying them.

A girl is sad and surrounded by happy friends
Isolation and loneliness have serious impacts on both mental and physical health.

But on the surface, what we see is victim blaming and name-calling to those going through tough times.

Just on January 2, 2024, a 21-year-old final-year BBA student photography enthusiast allegedly committed suicide in her Sudhamanagar residence in Wilson Garden.

Varshini R, a student at a private college in Jayanagar, was found hanging from the ceiling of her room on Sunday after midnight by her father.

Entering the first week of the month, the suicides this year, in 2024, are seemingly a challenging topic.

It takes a lot more than that willpower to unlive oneself. It is one of those thoughts built over time with a gradual loss of hope and discouragement from the outside world.

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what factors fuel suicide ideation?

Though such acts of self-harm and taking one’s life are highly private, several factors influence them. The act of suicide has social and economic importance in all societies.

The cultural makeup shapes how we define our own mental health and mental illness, along with our ability to receive the kind of care we seek.

Social factors

How our social environment reacts and treats us affects us psychologically and emotionally and directly impacts our physical well-being.

  • Bullying, prejudice, judgments, and bias based on race, gender, impairments, or someone’s sexual orientation can sabotage their peace and put their self-esteem in ruins.
  • Domestic, sexual, physical, and numerous other forms of abuse in the workplace, school, or at home.
  • Financial crisis and the inability to conduct or fulfill daily activities effectively.
  • Societal expectations and burdens on achievement.
  • Cultural pressure, such as forced marriages, gender-based restrictions, biases, and limited agendas.

personal factors

Personal reasons for self-harm and suicide tend to be heavily influenced by social factors. 

Taking these issues very seriously should be a priority to reduce suicides this year in 2024.

  • End of marriages or any form of close relationships associated with a greater sense of attachment.
  • Social anxiety or fear are causes of loneliness and isolation caused by avoiding social settings.
  • The feeling of insufficiency, unworthiness, or failure crushes self-esteem to dust and further accelerates the inferiority complex within.
  • Other hardships or obstacles or any form of trauma.
  • Never-ending chronic sickness or illness that makes one immobile and limited in mental space.

Medical causes

Drug abuse is also known as substance abuse or being highly dependent on drugs like antidepressants to function normally.

Sudden withdrawal from them has a high chance of developing suicidal thoughts.

People gathering for group counselling.
We should promote group therapy in both the workspace and educational sectors.

Pregnant women are more likely to suffer from postnatal depression and posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), followed by childbirth.

Biological causes such as genetic deformity and other neurobiological risk factors can be the potential reasoning behind suicide.

According to the suicide statistics, the highest suicide rates are among teenagers and young adults, followed by middle-aged and older men. The suicides in the year 2024 are still unknown.

What can we possibly do to reduce suicides in this year 2024?

Think globally, act locally,’ is a renowned quote. Every good act, whether big or small, starts at home.

Here are a few ways we can help reduce the suicide rate, be it directly or indirectly.

  • Creating a friendly environment to share, communicate, and interact more profoundly.
  • Teach and learn to foster healthy relationships and dismiss those that do not serve a meaningful purpose.
  • Showing empathy and kindness to a greater extent. Being more sensitive to others’ emotions and valuing them.
  • Spread knowledge about everyday mental and social disorders and teach coping skills.
  • Better access to suicide care and optimizing helpline services.
  • Get good clinical supervision and reach out to professional consultants.

If you or someone you know needs or seeks help, a crisis line is available. For further inquiries, check out the suicide helpline.

All in all, suicide is not a permanent solution to temporary problems but rather a step towards cowardice.

When we value ourselves, we view the creation of our lives as inspiring.

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