Why Are Men Emotionally Unavailable?

Why Are Men Emotionally Unavailable? Signs And Meanings

People say that men are emotionally unavailable, but have you ever wondered why are men emotionally unavailable than women?

In this article, we will discuss scientific and psychological reasons behind men’s emotions and behaviors.

Since childhood, we have heard people saying men are strong, brave, don’t cry, and many more.

Moreover, in Asian countries, if a boy cries too much, people will start saying things like, “Why are you crying like a girl?”

They say that men should not cry over small things or be emotional. Otherwise, they will seem too weak.

But is this really true? Does showing emotion makes people weak? Most research claims that showing your emotions is good for your mental health.

Then why do men not show their emotions? Do they really not care about them, or are they just acting as strong as society wants them to be? Why are men emotionally unavailable?

What Does Emotionally Unvailable Mean?

In simple words, when some people are not open about their feelings or do not feel comfortable sharing their emotions, we call them emotionally unavailable people.

Moreover, according to the psychological, emotionally unavailable people are those who find difficulties in handling or expressing their emotions.

mens troubled with emotions
Men may feel pressure to conform to traditional notions of masculinity that discourage emotional expression.

People who are emotionally unavailable, are less likely to be interested in hearing other people’s emotions or providing support to them.

Meanwhile, emotionally available people are more comfortable sharing their feelings and being open and honest with another person.

However, many people mistakenly assume that shy and introverted people are also emotionally unavailable people.

Then Who Are Emotionally Available People & Who Are Not?

Here are some signs of an emotionally unavailable person.

  • They ignore intimacy and avoid sex.
  • They feel uncomfortable discussing emotions.
  • They might not understand or misunderstand you when you share emotional feelings.
  • They assume that showing emotions is a sign of weakness or feeling insecure.
  • They are not interested in your feelings and needs.
  • Not putting any effort into the relationship.
  • When you try to discuss deep feelings with them, they will go further and further.
  • Those people avoid showing their vulnerability.
  • They are more likely to avoid affection, emotional situations, and others.

After we understand the meaning of emotionally unavailable people, it is now clear that men or women can be emotionally unavailable.

However, as per the research, men are more likely to be emotionally unavailable than women.

Do you know the reason why? Here are some reasons why men are more emotionally available than women.

Why Are Men Emotionally Unavailable: Scientific & Psychological Reasons

The major reason men are more emotionally unavailable than women is that they are raised that way.

Since childhood, they are taught they should act strong and cry less, or they will seem weak, especially in the southeast countries.

So, these simple cultural beliefs that people put in their young minds greatly impact their personalities in the future.

However, this is just a common reason, and there are other reasons for being emotionally unavailable.

  • If any man or woman has childhood trauma or suffered any kind of abuse, they are more likely to become emotionally available in their adulthood.
  • Further, people who are more concerned about their feelings, freedom, and independence also don’t want to get attached to others.
  • If the person has previously been in an abusive relationship.

Are Women More Emotional Than Men?

As per the research, men are just as emotional as women, and this should not come as a surprise.

Men are not different creatures; they are just raised in different ways, where they are taught to be strong or act that way.

emotionally unavailable mens
Negative past experiences, such as heartbreak or trauma, can make individuals hesitant to open up emotionally.

They, too, feel ups and downs as women and experience happiness and sadness over small things.

However, as society has labeled them stronger, they are forced to hide their emotions even though they feel them.

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How Can It Be Fixed?

Being emotionally unavailable is neither a choice nor a sickness. And it can not be fixed by other people except for themself.

Because being emotionally unavailable means they are just scared of showing their emotions or they do not want to allow themselves to be vulnerable in front of other people.

Most of the time, they do not even know that they are being emotionally unavailable.

They also feel emotions but don’t want others to see that. If they want to recover from that phase, they must first heal themselves internally.

Further, they are not acting that way due to the outer environment but instead due to their own internal dismay beings.

mens lost in their thoughts
Some men may use avoidance as a coping mechanism, detaching from emotions to protect themselves.

They have felt or suffered something deep inside, which is now not allowing them to be free or show emotions.

Their internal instincts do not want them to trust other people.

Until they are completely free from past experiences and forgive them all, they are not going to be okay.

And the right way to get through this problem is to see a therapist, share and pour all their past traumas with them, and let themselves be free.

Their own past emotions and experiences are controlling them, and until they are, they are not going to heal.

Should Women Break Up With The Emotionally Unavailable Men?

Being in a relationship with an emotionally unavailable man or woman can be very tough and frustrating.

However, if the person is trying and putting lots of effort into making their relationship work, then it is good to give it a go.

Emotionally unavailable men are not bad, and it does not mean they do not care about their partners.

Their internal being is just holding them back and not allowing them to show their emotions, as they do not want to feel vulnerable.

However, giving them a chance and being there for them will help them to heal quickly.

But if you do not understand them and leave them due to their behaviors, it will affect their feelings more and will be a lot harder to heal.

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