Triangulation technique in relationships

What Is Triangulation In Relationships? Toxic Manipulation Technique

Mostly, people have been using triangulation in relationships, but have you wondered why they do so?

Many people suffer from personality disorders, which make it difficult for them to understand emotions and tolerate distress.

Notably, a narcissist person is the one who needs too much attention and wants people to admire them.

Moreover, some people with narcissistic personality disorder may use triangulation to maintain control over situations by manipulating others.

However, triangulation can occur in any relationship including friendship, romantic relationships, and even in the workplace.

But what is triangulation exactly, why is it such a common manipulation technique?

So, in this article, we will discuss the triangulation techniques in relationships.

What Is Triangulation?

In simple words, triangulation is a manipulation technique where one person brings a third person into a relationship in order to force them to remain in control.

Moreover, triangulation is the most toxic manipulation technique that one can use in any relationship.

People who are involved in triangulation are more likely to create confusion, jealousy, and conflict.

Likewise, triangulation is shown in a person’s specific behavior in any type of relationship.

Triangulation technique shown in gacha style
The triangulation technique is a toxic way of getting attention.

It may appear in different forms but everything is about opposing each other.

In some cases, the triangulated individuals will even fight for the manipulator’s attention.

However, there will be no communication between the two triangulated individuals except for the manipulator in relationships.

Triangulation In Romantic Relationships: Explained!

In a romantic relationship, the manipulator brings the third person into their intimate relationship to create jealousy and conflict.

If you offer the praise and admiration they’re looking for, they might find the relationship with you completely satisfying.

However, if you stop giving them continuous attention, they might attempt to leave the relationship.

Similarly, individuals might use triangulation in relationships to confront the person they have an issue with directly.

However, the individual usually enjoys the attention and may even let the triangulated individuals know so they can fight for attention.

Sometimes, the triangulating individuals might not even know that they’re being used to manipulate others.

Although triangulation occurs especially among narcissistic people, it is most likely to be toxic in romantic relationships.

Is Triangulation a toxic manipulation technique in Relationships?

It is obvious we won’t know if you are in a toxic relationship at first.

But if your partner is using triangulation techniques against you, then you are most likely to be in a toxic relationship.

Using manipulation techniques has never been one’s acceptable behavior.

Especially, when they manipulate someone whom they’re supposed to love and care.

People who have used triangulation techniques may find it difficult to move forward.

Moreover, being forced to compete for attention and being manipulated in a quiet manner can be harmful to a person’s mental health.

Consequently, triangulation techniques normally make a person feel unworthy of other people’s affection.

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what are the impacts of Triangulation in relationships?

Some people triangulate unintentionally when they cannot address the conflict directly.

They just might want to have support from friends and loved ones.

On the other hand, narcissist triangulation happens intentionally.

Using triangulation techniques in relationships, might not only affect people’s mental health but also emotionally.

People who are experiencing triangulation for the first time, may be feeling left out.

Likewise, they may feel humiliated or worried about what others think of them.

Coping With Triangulation: How To Respond?

When facing triangulation, it’s really important to recognize that you have control over your actions.

Remember, no one can make you feel inferior without your consent.

Following are some of the actions to avoid:

  1. React quickly to unexpected news.
  2. Allow your temper or emotions to get out of your hand.
  3. Make promises that could hurt your relationships with those you care about.

Let’s consider the following positive actions:

  1. Do your best to take a step back and look at the situation.
  2. Stay connected with trusted loved ones, sharing any arising problems.
  3. Maintain a healthy balance between family, friends, work and leisure.
  4. Preserve self-control to claim your rights.

So, it is important to recognize and deal with triangulation behavior for maintaining healthy relationships.

Moreover, we can make our connections stronger by communicating openly.

Will Therapy Help You to Get Over?

Therapy is one of the best ways to get over people with narcissistic personalities.

After going through a situation of facing triangulation, you will feel more emotionally drained.

If you’re worried you may be experiencing triangulation or may be triangulating others, it’s important to know that help is available.

You should not face problems alone. You can speak with an online counselor about your toxic relationship.

They can help you cope with toxic relationships and establish healthy relationships.

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy!


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