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Ben Napier Wikipedia, Age: How Old Is Erin Napier Husband?

After his appearance in HGTV’s Home Town,  Ben Napier gained significant attention on the internet, leading fans to search for his Wikipedia page to learn more about him. Who is he? Let’s find out!

Ben Napier is a television personality and former youth minister who earned popularity through HGTV’s series Home Town. 

After realizing his passion for artwork, Ben Napier quit his political career and started working in the media industry.

Ben and Erin, his wife, are involved in charitable organizations like the American Cancer Society and the American Heart Association, as well as their involvement in the fight against breast cancer.

With the rise of Ben Napier and Erin Napier’s popularity due to their charity and interesting artworks, the number of people searching for his Wikipedia has risen significantly.

Ben Napier Wikipedia: Relationship With Erin Napier

Even though Ben Napier is a famous reality TV star and artist, Wikipedia has not dedicated a page to him.

However, this article provides all the information, including his early life and career, which his Wikipedia should have featured.

Ben and Erin became popular due to their appearance in the HGTV series. Their relationship in the series made everyone curious about their personal life.

The couple met in their college yearbook room and soon started dating. However, they were both from different backgrounds.

Ben and Erin Napier posing for the year book picture.
Ben and Erin met in their college yearbook picture room and took photos. (Source: Instagram)

After dating for a very long time, they decided to take their relationship to the next level.

As a result, they both met their parents and tied the knot on November 22, 2008. At the time of their marriage, Erin and Ben were 23 and 25, respectively.

Celebrating 16 years of marriage today, Ben and Erin continue to live a happy life together.

On their 11th wedding anniversary, Erin writes,

Thank you for the way you lead our family and take care of Helen and me, the way you hold my hand through every day.

For the same reason, people are swarming to Wikipedia to seek information about the family life of Ben and Erin Napier.

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Ben And Erin Napier’s Relationship Children

Erin and Ben Napier faced huge challenges in their relationship, including bullying for four years.

Initially, doctors also said they couldn’t have children due to Erin’s experience with a perforated appendix.

Thankfully, today, the couple has a daughter named Helen Napier, who arrived less than a week before Home Town’s second season premiere.

They kept the pregnancy a secret until nearly seven months after they filmed Season 2.

Erin revealed that she had always hesitated about becoming a parent, fearing pregnancy and motherhood.

Ben Napier with his daughters.
Ben and Erin were finally blessed with two beautiful daughters. (Source: Instagram)

After welcoming Helen in 2018, Ben adopted a healthier lifestyle to support his family.

Moreover, Ben lost 55 pounds after his daughter was born, and Erin hopes his progress grows in the future.

Therefore, Ben Napier’s achievements create a foundation for laying the groundwork for his Wikipedia page in the future.

They also have a secret talent in graphic design, interior design, painting, writing, and an incredible musical talent, resulting from their successful career.

Erin has kept an online journal featuring sweet and inspiring stories in hopes of achieving greater heights.

Hence, people hope that the tale of Ben and Erin Napier may be featured on Wikipedia sometime soon.

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