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Why Did Natalie And Todd Break Up? Relationship Timeline

The rumors about the break up of two social media sensations, Natalie and Todd, are all over the internet, leaving behind the fans in a dilemma. Let’s find out the actual reasons behind their separation.

Natalie Noel is a well-known personality as a social media influencer.

She is active on social media platforms and shares captivating food, travel, and lifestyle content.

Similarly, Todd Smith is a popular YouTube sensation known for his fascinating videos and ability to attract dedicated followers.

Besides content creation, Todd is famous in the musical world due to his melodious voice.

Natalie and Todd are associated with David Dobrik, and you can see them in David’s old vlogs. Natalie is David’s assistant, while Todd is one of their close friend of David.

After entangling with several relationships and breakup journeys, Natalie and Todd captured their fans’ attraction with their romantic relationship.

However, the recent rumors about Natalie and Todd break up have left their fans in shock.

Did Natalie And Todd Break Up? Debunking The Rumor

The rumor about the break up between Natalie and Todd started when they posted a video with the caption ‘We Have Something To Tell You.’

But the video only mentioned the dating rumors, not the rumors about their break up.

However, the breakup rumors were led to the truth after Todd confirmed that he and Natalie were no longer together in September 2023.

Natalie and Todd before break up
Natalie and Todd used to deny their relationship, saying they were just friends till 2019. (Source: Reddit)

Additionally, after Natalie deleted most of the photos with Todd on Instagram, the rumor eventually turned into reality.

Gradually, the rumors hyped that the reason behind the breakup between Todd and Natalie was David.

Some fans also commented that David was waiting for their break up in his vlog.

People also assume that Natalie has dumped Todd for some reason, while others are going with the gossip about their separation in mutual understanding.

Nevertheless, the actual reason behind Natalie and Todd’s breakup is still not official.

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Natalie & Todd’s Relationship Timeline: From Romance To Break Up

Being David’s assistant, it became easy for Natalie and Todd to begin their friendship.

Their relationship sprouted after Todd expressed feelings for her through the text.

Moreover, in 2019, David posted a picture on Instagram captioned ‘Asked her to be my girlfriend.’

That’s when their love replaced the friendship between Natalie and Todd.

Natalie & Todd kissing before breakup
Natalie and Todd even posted their private moments while they were in relationships.

Also, Todd used to express his inner feelings openly to Natalie in David’s vlogs.

Gradually, the couple started sharing the adorable photos of their intimate times.

Their relationship got stronger and stronger when Todd created a song dedicating Natalie. That song also captured a lot of attention due to their relationship.

Although Todd confirmed the break up with Natalie in September, there are several rumors that they separated in mid-July 2023.

It’s because Natalie never posted anything relating to Todd after March 2023. Instead, fans noticed that she started deleting the posts from Instagram.

Todd Smith beside the beach
Fans say that Todd has become more handsome after breaking up with Natalie.

Even after confirming their breakup, Natalie did not delete some snaps. This shows that living separate lives after the breakup hasn’t changed their friendship.

So, we can see Natalie and Tedd have handled their relationship and breakup maturely.

They still hang out in groups, enjoy each other’s company, and make themselves comfortable with each other despite separation.

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