Jay and Nini together before break up

Why Did Jay And Nini Break Up? Relationship Update 2023

Nini’s pregnancy announcement couldn’t stay longer as the internet started buzzing like a beehive after Jay and Nini announced their break up. This sudden decision left a huge curiosity among the fans.

Robert Jay Perez is a popular Phillipino-American YouTuber known for his Yandere Simulator Myths series.

Moreover, he is a Let’s player and a comedian who captures fans’ attention with his captivating challenge videos.

Other than that, Jay also used to handle a popular YouTube channel named Kubz Scouts along with his ex-girlfriend Nini Hebron. Many people also know him as Kubz Scouts.

Nini was not only Jay’s girlfriend but also a co-founder of Kubz Scouts. Actually, Kubz Scouts got its name from Nini.

Nini and Jay were in a happy relationship and were expecting a baby. However, their ‘happily ever after’ became a disaster, leaving fans wondering how it happened.

Why Did Jay And Nini Break Up? Genuine Reasons

Nini and Jay seemed so happy together that nobody had a clue that they would break up. Moreover, The channel Kubz Scouts was also gaining popularity.

Later, in Kubz Scouts, Jay started doing collaboration videos with Kassie, who is well-known as Gloom. Jay and Gloom used to create the gaming video together.

However, many fans also say that the contents of the collab videos used to seem flirty.

Jay and Nini selfie before break up
Jay and Nini were a happy couple before creating a video with Gloom.

Later, on October 25, 2019, Jay and Nini gave birth to a baby boy, Mason. Jay and Nini were not married but were co-parenting Mason together.

On January 4, 2020, Gloom officially announced on YouTube that she is engaged and is getting married to her fiance.

One month after that, on February 2, Jay announced in a video that he and Nini had broken up. After their breakup, Jay and Gloom stop collaborating.

This action of Jay and Nini made their fans think that they went through a break up due to Gloom. However, the actual reason is still unknown.

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Will Jay And Nini Be Together? Relationship Update 2023

After the breakup with Jay, Nini was really upset. Everyone could easily assume this from the video she posted.

In the video, she said that she wanted to cut every tie with Jay.

After they broke up, Jay removed everything from his YouTube channel that mentioned Nini.

Jay and Gloom smiling
Fans are accusing Gloom as the reason behind Jay and Nini’s breakup.

Although this action seems unusual, it may be Jay’s way of moving on and protecting his privacy.

Thus,  Nini’s sad video and Jay’s behavior clearly explain that both of them want to go down separate paths.

So, it’s not sure whether Jay and Nini will be back again, even though they share a child, Mason.

If their negative emotions persist, it would be very difficult for them to rebuild their romantic relationship.

Also, the actions of Jay and Nini to separate their paths hint that they are not interested in staying together again.

However, if both of them address the issues and work on the misunderstandings that led to their separation, a reunion is still possible.

Jay and Nini with Mason after break up
Even with the shattered relationship, Jay and Nini are nurturing their child properly.

Even though Jay and Nini aren’t together, their way of staying committed to co-parenting Mason effectively is amazing.

This means that they have built a respectful relationship with each other due to the shared responsibility of their child.

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