Carrie Kim Wikipedia, Age: How Old Is The Law & Order Actress?

After her appearance in Law and Order, Carrie Kim and the movie’s cast are gaining significant attention from the media, leading many people to search for her Wikipedia page.

Carrie Kim is an American actor who has appeared in various movies and shows.

Her role in Law and Order brought her immense popularity and recognition. And apart from acting, Carrie Kim also enjoys modeling as a side job.

Despite facing hardships in her career in the early stages of life, she remained determined to succeed.

Thanks to enthusiasm for acting, it has led people to search for Carrie Kim Wikipedia page to get a sneak peek at a personal level.

Carrie Kim Wikipedia: early life and education

Though Carrie Kim is a prominent figure in the American film industry, she does not have a dedicated Wikipedia page.

However, this article provides all the details one would expect to find on her Wikipedia page.

Sadly, Carrie’s birthdate is not disclosed, but she was born and raised in the United States of America.

Additionally, she grew up in Los Angeles with her loving parents.

However, her hometown and personal information about Carrie’s parents remain unknown.

Carrie Kim and a hoarding board featuring her
Carrie got featured for Uniqlo, USA which made her joyous. (Source: Instagram)

Despite this, she completed her education and received an undergraduate degree before pursuing acting.

Carrie always had her mind set on working in acting, even after graduating.

Growing up, she had a very supportive family who encouraged her to pursue an entertainment career.

Carrie hopes to contribute more to the American entertainment industry as an aspiring actress.

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A Peek At the Career Journey Of Kim and Her Hobbies

Besides her role in Law and Order, Carrie also aims to land other significant roles in the future.

The series focuses on police investigations in the first part and on law and judicial proceedings in the second.

It addresses the heinous nature of sexual crimes throughout the justice system.

Carrie played Caroline in American Bison, Luna in Last Call, and Celine Tautou in Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.

Her appearance in Law & Order: Special Victims Unit in 2021 garnered significant attention, leading people to search for her Wikipedia page.

Carrie Kim mirror selfie after a swim
Carrie has an effective workout routine and swims to keep her body toned. (Source: Instagram)

People also recognize Carrie for her roles in Bad (2021), Against Christmas and Waters (2021). Additionally, she had roles in Stand With Me (2018) and Mrs. America (2020).

Along with her interest in acting, Carrie enjoys swimming and working out.

She often shares updates about her workouts on social media and is frequently photographed by paparazzi in her workout clothes.

As a newcomer to the entertainment industry, Carrie has high hopes for her future roles.

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