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Bill Stevenson Wikipedia: Who Is Jill Biden First Husband?

Recently, after Jill Biden shared her personal life updates involving her husband, Bill Stevenson, it sparked significant interest, leading many to search for his details on Wikipedia.

Bill Stevenson identifies as the husband of the first US lady American educator Jill Biden.

Jill Biden and Bill Stevenson met at the beginning of college time.

Likewise, Jill Biden attended a community college to study fashion for only a short time.

But all of a sudden, she changed her mind and decided to marry Bill Stevenson.

Recently, Bill Stevenson gained popularity due to his wife, Jill, and many people are curious as they keep searching for his Wikipedia page.

Bill Stevenson Wikipedia: Early Life and Career

Many people search Wikipedia to learn more about Bill Stevenson after his wife Jill mentioned his name in an interview.

This article will provide all the information regarding Bill Stevenson, which Wikipedia should have included.

Bill Stevenson, aka William Stevenson, is a former college football player who founded the Concert Hall and the Stone Ballon Traven.

Bill Stevenson was born in 1948 in Delaware, America. As of 2024, he is currently 75 years old.

Moreover, he hasn’t yet disclosed any information about his parents and siblings.

Bill Stevenson Wikipedia
Bill Stevenson survived a recent heart attack.

Similarly, Bill graduated from the University of Delaware with a Business and Management degree.

Bill Stevenson was the best football player in college and participated in various games.

Similarly, Bill Stevenson received a gold medal in shot-puttering at the National Senior Games.

Likewise, he was also interested in Politics and described himself as a liberal Republican.

Despite this, Bill Stevenson was very interested in the music industry; he was a member of the 1969 Woodstock festival.

Bill Stevenson sitting in an interview.
Bill Stevenson also owns a horticultural company and supports the plantation. (Source: thesun)

Similarly, he loved rock and roll music and owned Newark’s legendary Stone Balloon.

Furthermore, Bill also wrote a book, The Stone Balloon, expressing his experiences as owner of the club Stone Balloon.

Additionally, Bill Stevenson is a passionate person who invented a plant support system, .

Likewise, he founded a horticultural company to preserve the plantation in the environment.

Unfortunately, after a few years, Bill was suffering from a heart attack on the streets of New York City.

After the incident, he began a nationwide campaign to equip patrol cars with defibrillators.

According to reports, Bill Stevenson is estimated to have a net worth of around $5 Million, which is important information for his wikipedia.

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Jill And Bill’s Relationship: Why Did They Divorce?

The love story of Bill Stevenson and Jill Biden began during their time at the University of Delaware.

In the 1970s, Jill Biden and Bill Stevenson married Bill Stevenson, which didn’t last long.

Similarly, the couple was facing some misunderstandings about each other regarding Jill’s affairs.

Bill Stevenson shared that Jill and Vice President Joe Biden had an affair during their marriage life.

Bill Stevenson divorced with Jill.
After Bill Stevenson and Jill Biden divorced, Jill married Vice President Joe Biden. (Source: thesun)

Further, Bill Stevenson wrote a book about his life, revealing all the information regarding his relationship with Jill.

Further, Bill doesn’t have grudges even if Jill’s relationship with Joe Biden.

In an interview, Bill said,

“If there was no divorce with her, I would never have met my wife Linda and she’s the greatest thing in my life.”

However, after 5 years of marriage, Bill Stevenson and Jill Biden decided to divorce.

After the divorce, Jill met a 33-year-old US senator, Joe Biden, with whom she decided to spend the rest of her life.

Jill and Joe Biden smiling.
Joe Biden proposed Jil Biden for the five times.

At the time she met Joe,  his wife and daughter had already died in a car accident.

Therefore, he was still on the way to healing when Jill came into his life.

Joe shared his most profound story about his wife and daughter with Jill, pouring years of emotions and letting the pain disappear.

As their bond grew, they decided to be together forever and married in a small ceremony in a United Nations chapel.

Moreover, Joe and Jil’s bond strengthened, and the couple joyfully welcomed their daughter Ashley.

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