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Is Jared McCain Gay? Gender & Sexuality Rumors Debunked!

In the recent era where sports and society tend to intersect more than ever, the question of whether a famous basketball player, Jared Mccain, is gay has become a topic of growing interest.

Jared McCain is a 19-year-old basketball player born on February 20, 2004, in Sacramento, California.

Most of the sports freaks know him as the rising star basketball player for the Duke Blue Devils. He has earned fame as a Guard with the best shooting and scoring abilities.

When Jared was eight, his family moved to Corona, California. There, he joined Centennial High School, and after completing school, he joined Duke University.

Jared was one of the top players in his class. He has played impressive games for his University, including scoring a career-high 24 points.

Due to his excellent playing abilities, Duke University considered him a ¬†key player for Duke’s future success.

However, upon popularity, people are now more curious about his personal life, and the curiosity if Jared McCain is gay has become a rising concern.

Is Jared McCain Gay? Gender & Sexuality

Besides his basketball-playing qualities, Jared’s fans are also interested in his personal life. The curiosity about his gender is hyped nowadays.

The concern is due to his unique habits. Compared to other players, Jared wants to present himself boldly when he exposes himself to the public.

Jared playing basketball
Jared McCain has been a pro basketball player since childhood. (Source: NBA Draft)

Not long ago, a photo of Jared was viral all over social media. In the photo, you can see that he was painting his nails blue.

After people saw the blue nails of Jared McCain, they started to surf whether he was gay or it was just his style.

Regarding the photo, there were many positive and negative comments. Some critics also said that painting nails is unusual for boys as it is a girly thing.

However, Jared is resilient to these criticisms and says that he does not believe these gender norms. Also, he mentions that he does the things he likes.

Jared McCain with blue nailpaints
Jared’s painted nails became the reason for the rising concern about his gender. (Source: Los Angeles Times)

Moreover, Jared McCain has never confirmed in public that he is gay. He says that painting nails is his style that makes him look unique.

Furthermore, painting his nails is not just a fashion for Jared but also a symbol of self-expression and authenticity.

Thus, just based on blue nail paints, we cannot judge Jared McCain as gay unless he confirms himself to the public.

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Does Jared McCain Have A Girlfriend? Relationship Status Check

Due to the rising concern about Jared’s gender, people are also curious about his relationship status.

Talking about his relationship status, Jared has been in a happy relationship with a popular social media influencer, Sydney Williams, since December 2020.

Jared and Sydney were no strangers to the public eye. They also shared content about their healthy relationship on a common YouTube channel, Jared & Syd.

In the channel, Jared’s fans could glimpse his personal life and good chemistry with Sydney beyond the basketball court.

Jared with his girlfriend Sydney
Jared’s healthy relationship with Sydney proves that he is not gay.

However, in July 2023, there were many suspects that both might have parted ways. And the rumor started through a TikTok video.

Before that, fans also noticed a decreased joint content and public appearance.

Despite the rumors, neither Jared nor Sydney confirmed their breakup. Thus, the circulating rumors could not be 100% true in this case.

As the relationship status of Jared and McCain remains uncertain, it’s clear that he wants to keep his personal life private. Thus, it’s vital to respect privacy concerns.

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