What Happened To Selen Tatsuki?

What Happened To Selen Tatsuki? Nijisanji Toxic Environment Controversy

The termination of Selen Tatsuki from ANY COLOR sparks concerns among fans regarding what happened to her, leading fans to worry about her well-being and the controversy. Let’s delve into it.

Selen Tatsuki was a virtual YouTuber, particularly associated with the Nijisanji talent agency.

She is particularly interested in video games, particularly shooters and retro games.

Further, the Vtuber is famous for her gaming skills, especially in shooters like Overwatch and Apex Legends.

Likewise, she has achieved a lot by releasing merchandise and reaching 100,000 Twitch followers through hard work.

However, in 2024, the agency terminated her contract for what happened to the rule violations and breaches, leaving people curious about the circumstances surrounding Selen Tatsuki.

Decoding the Mystery: What Happened To Selen Tatsuki?

Addressing the audience’s inquiries about what exactly happened to Selen Tatsuki, this article reveals the truth behind the situation.

On February 5, the virtual YouTuber agency, Nijisanji, terminated the contract of the beloved content creator.

Selen Tatsuki’s termination devastated her fans, as many of them admired her.

What happened to Selen Tatsuki
NIJISANJI has stated that Selen’s termination has a negligible financial impact, offering a summary.( Souce: NIJISANJI EN )

She happens to have an energetic and playful personality and brings joy to others.

Despite her significant contributions, the agency’s decision towards her seemed unfair.

They accused Selen of repeated guideline breaches, which felt more like an allegation against her.

In response, Selen boldly declared on Twitter that she would not be silenced anymore.

However, this has stirred controversy, adding an unexpected twist to the narrative.

After Selen Tatsuki spoke out, her fans urged other VTubers not to join Nijisanji, warning them to avoid what happened to her.

So far, fans have observed that despite her kindness, the allegations have ultimately harmed her.

Moreover, this issue concerns other VTubers neglecting to associate with the agency, fearing potential challenges in the future.

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Selen Tatsuki’s Termination: Reputation Of Nijisanji at Stake

Nijisanji’s blame on Selen sparked a strong backlash and increased tremendous support for her.

In response to the agency’s decisions, Selen Tatsuki’s VTube channel memberships will be closed, and her social media accounts will be made private.

The gradual discontinuation of merchandise sales featuring her has been initiated, though ANY COLOR mentioned the possibility of releasing 2023 merchandise.

what happened to Selen Tatsuki Termination
Fans support Selen Tatsuki for facing termination with false accusations, casting a negative shadow on the agency. (Source: Dexerto)

The statement highlighted a breach of contract when Selen encouraged fans to upload her cover of Last Cup of Coffee after ANY COLOR privatized the video.

It also pointed out that Selen made misleading statements on social platforms regarding this incident.

Following that, Selen Tatsuki shared on her X account that her absence was due to recovery from a hospital after an accident, and what happened didn’t have anything to do with breach of contract.

The statement has brought criticisms, labeling it as an inhuman move, which has somewhat affected the agency’s image.

With this, the move has suggested a lack of care from the agency for their veterans.

In a statement to investors, ANY COLOR announced that the termination of Selen Tatsuki would have a negligible impact on their financial results.

While it’s too early to predict the impact on Nijisanji’s revenue, Selen is not the only major Vtubers to leave ANY COLOR.

However, these issues have caused negative perceptions surrounding ANY COLOR, which could have lasting effects.

Moreover, the accusations made by the agency will more likely harm Nijisanji’s future.

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