Sneako ready to have a wrestling session with Sean.

Sneako Wikipedia, Age, Net Worth: Former Youtuber & Rumble Streamer

Rumble streamer Sneako had a sparring session with former UFC middleweight champion Sean Strickland, and this has grabbed the attention of fellow streamers and fans, encouraging them to search his Wikipedia. 

Sneako, aka Nicolas Kenn De Balinthazy, started his career with YouTube and became famous in the industry in 2015.

Besides this, he was also part of Mr. Beast’s team, which helped him gain popularity in a short period.

In 2018, Sneako started a new trend on YouTube called One Minute  Interview.

Soon, YouTube decided to ban Sneako from the platform for insulting fellow female YouTubers.

After this controversy, Twitch also banned him, and he started streaming on Rumble.

Sneako and Sean’s video of getting blooded up went viral, making fans curious about his age, Wikipedia,  and net worth.

Sneako Wikipedia: Age, Net Worth, bio

Famous YouTuber and music artist, Sneako was born in a typical American family on 1998 September 8.

He is 25 years old but will soon turn 26 in September 2024.

Sneako has embraced Christianity throughout his life and has a mixed ethical background.

The influencer’s father is reportedly half-black, and his mother is Asian, specifically, a Filipino.

Sneoko posing with fake policeman for his photoshoot.
Sneako appeared in Mr. Beast’s Video. (Source: Instagram)

Besides that, he has two siblings: a brother with whom he shares a love for gaming and a sister.

Sneako is a private person who has not shared much information and pictures of his siblings, parents, family, and girlfriends. However, his father is a businessman.

During his formative years,  he attended a private school but prioritized YouTubing over academics.

Talking about his physical features, he weighs approximately 75 kilograms, and his height is around 6 feet 2 inches.

His facial structures are one of a kind, with black hair and black eyes.

The other part of his Wikipedia is net worth, and as of 2023, Sneako holds around 1.5 million dollars’ net worth.

Most of Sneako’s net worth gathered from his content creation career.

Talking about his reach on social media platforms, before YouTube banned Sneako, had 1.2 million YouTube subscribers.

Sneako also has a fan following of 1.6 million on Instagram, and his presence is substantial on streaming platforms like Rumble, but he doesn’t own an official Wikipedia page.

Sneako keeps his personal life out of the limelight, igniting the spark of curiosity about his controversies on Wikipedia and his personal life.

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Is sneako Married? Relationship Status And Controversies

As per rumors, Sneako is in a relationship with a girl named Lily Fofana; however, he is not yet married or engaged.

He has not presented much information about his girlfriend on social media platforms.

Sneako is famous as a Controversial streamer on the internet. He tends to spit out provocative statements now and then.

Sneoko in gym with his friends.
Sneako currently lives in Texas. (Source: Instagram)

One of his most recent controversies is between Sneako and Charlie, aka MostCrITiKal, in March 2023, where he insulted Charlie and his Wife.

The second person on the controversy list with Sneako was Jidon, aka JiDion.

Jidon disagreed with him that influencers who cry and show emotions on social media are only attention seekers.

The fellow content creator called out Sneako with a statement:

“Bro, you can’t switch up like that, bro! That was bad. That was bad.

Amidst all these controversies, his sparring session with wrestling champion Strickland is a trend.

Sneoko battling with professional wrestler Sean.
Sneako’s father spent his childhood in France. (Source: Instagram)

Sneako was always engrossed in notorious controversies with other content creators.

However, this has not stopped fellow streamers and YouTubers like Jake Paul from speaking against Sean.

He posted:

“Sean Strickland you’re embarrassing for trying to stop Sneako like that you weren’t even able to drop someone with no experience while going all out You’re a horrid boxer that only picks on inexperienced people.”

Sneako’s journey until now is a testament to self-belief, though controversial.

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