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ANTM Shandi Cheating On Her Boyfriend: Infidelity Scandal Explained!

Shandi Sullivan, formerly a contestant on America’s Next Top Model Cycle 2, has transitioned to a new career as a DJ in New York City, a move that sparked rumors of her involvement in an ANTM cheating scandal. So, let’s get into the details!

Shandi Sullivan participates in the second cycle of America’s Next Top Model.

She departed from her role as a Walgreens Pharmacy Clerk in Kansas City to pursue a modeling career in New York City.

Additionally, she inked a deal with Trump Model Management and has been actively involved in test shoots and print projects.

Despite facing hurdles such as a setback in the logging industry, she has showcased unwavering determination and resilience.

Transitioning from modeling to DJing, Shandi sparks curiosity with lingering questions about a potential ANTM cheating scandal.

ANTM Shandi Cheating On Her Boyfriend: Infidelity Scandal Explained!

Shandi Sullivan gained fame as a reality star, standing out as one of the less dominant models in ANTM cycle 2.

Even though the ANTM Shandi cheating incident occurred many years ago, it still captures people’s attention.

ANTM, or America’s Next Top Model, is a reality show where aspiring models compete for a breakthrough in the fashion industry.

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Despite setbacks, Shandi persists, carving her unique journey beyond modeling’s boundaries. (Source: Twitter)

Just as she aimed for the Top 3 in ANTM Cycle 2, Shandi’s romance with a male model interfered, keeping her from the finale.

In ANTM, Shandi Sullivan’s affair with a male contestant stands out as one of the show’s heartbreakingly cringe-worthy moments.

However, in a photo shoot with diverse models, it was clear that Shandi Sullivan was noticeably drawn to one in particular.

During the photoshoot, Shandi and the model got close in a bathtub. The cheating unfolded when ANTM Shandi, intoxicated, connected with an Italian model in Milan.

The episode was recorded on video, prompting Shandi to break down in fear of her boyfriend discovering the footage.

ANTM Shandi in dark blue jeans
The guilt from the ANTM Shandi cheating scandal impacted her performance, ultimately leading to her elimination. (Source: Twitter)

The model eventually confessed to her boyfriend over the phone, with viewers hearing his distressed reaction on the other end.

“You had sex?!”

Confessing her infidelity to her boyfriend, Shandi’s emotional struggle affected her performance, leading to her elimination in the tenth week.

Shandi attempted reconciliation, but their relationship didn’t revive. They eventually split without disclosing reasons or timeline.

Shandi’s controversial actions ultimately contributed to the downfall of her modeling aspirations.

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Where Is ANTM Shandi Now: Model Turned DJ?

Despite initial challenges, Shandi won over the judges with her potential, earning herself a significant makeover.

Later on, she became embroiled in controversy due to infidelity during the competition, significantly affecting her journey.

As a result, she lost her spotlight significantly, and her sudden disappearance fueled rumors, even suggesting her death.

ANTM Shandi in high black boots
Her modeling portfolio flourished through collaborations with renowned brands like Cover, Fred Flare, and more. (Source: Twitter)

Shandi now channels her energy into a flourishing DJ career, exploring new creative avenues beyond modeling with passion and dedication.

Despite setbacks, like a logging accident causing the loss of two toes, Shandi resiliently pursues her passions.

This shift brought her to notable platforms, featuring appearances on the Tyra Banks Show and its spinoff Modelville.

Shandi’s career journey reflects success in modeling and a seamless transition into a different creative field, highlighting her versatile talents.

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