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Eric Hovde Wikipedia, Net Worth & Bio Of Sunwest Bank CEO

A prominent American businessman, Eric Hovde, holds leadership in multiple successful companies, making people stalk him on Wikipedia. Let’s find out whether he is a billionaire or not.

Eric Hovde was born in Madison, Wisconsin, in 1964. He completed his graduation from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

After getting an economics and international relations degree, Hovde worked as an accountant in a Big Eight public accounting firm.

Later, Hovde joined the commercial real estate development firm. After that, success started to follow him.

Despite being a busy and successful businessman, Hovde highly prioritizes his family. He also explained about the importance of family in an interview.

As Eric Hovde is an outstanding personality, his fans are searching for him on Wikipedia worldwide. Let’s dive into his successful personal and professional life.

Eric Hovde Wikipedia: Meet the CEO of Sunwest Bank

After joining the real estate development firm in 1990, Hovde succeeded in becoming general counsel and vice president.

Eight years later, in 1998, he focused on the financial service industry and founded an investment firm, Hovde Financial.

After serving the firm as a CEO for 12 years till 2010, he sold it to the equity firm. Hovde then founded Hovde Capital, serving as a CEO until 2015.

Eric Hovde giving speech
Eric Hovde is a millionaire and a business expert.

Hovde is the chairman and CEO of H Bancrop LLC, a bank holding company. This includes Sunwest Bank, the national bank of the US.

Moreover, he is also a board member of ePlus Inc. and CEO of Hovde Properties LLC.

Besides business, Hovde is also an active philanthropist. His Hovde Foundation serves as a charity in children’s education, health, and welfare.

Meanwhile, talking about his family, Eric Hovde is married and has 2 daughters.

Hovde currently stays in Madison, Wisconsin, with his wife Carin and daughters Carlin and Brita.

Eric Hovde with his wife and children
Hovde has a happy family with 2 daughters.

However, there are no more details available about his family.

Although Eric Hovde is a popular businessman, there is no Wikipedia page of his name today.

Thus, many people interested in economics are curious about his net worth and business expertise.

However, very little information is available as Hovde wants to keep his personal and professional life private.

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Eric Hovde’s Net Worth: Exploring The Business

Eric Hovde owns over 6,496 units of ePlus Inc. stock worth over $200,000. Moreover, he makes more than 100 thousand dollars as an independent director.

As Eric Hovde sells many stocks and leads many successful companies, his estimated net worth is more than 70 million dollars.

Moreover, Hovde and his family own Hovde properties in Madison, Wisconsin, which are commercially very expensive.

Eric Hovde house
Hovde owns a 7-million-dollar mansion in California.

There was news that he left Wisconsin during the winter to enjoy a $7 million mansion in Laguna Beach.

Hovde and his brothers were also involved in constructing and operating Hovde houses.

They have constructed several Hovde houses in Mexico, Peru, Ghana, Mombasa, etc.

Thus, the personal investment in various sectors and the ownership of Hovde add a lot to his net worth.

Hovde has expertise in business and social working sectors and other financial services.

Due to this, several Journals like CNBC, Bloomberg TV, and The Wall Street Journal featured him on television.

Eric in a blue coat
Despite its huge popularity, Hovde wants to keep his information private.

However, Hovde’s ventures are held privately. So, it’s very difficult to know the net worth of every company he leads.

Additionally, the exact market values can fluctuate almost daily. So, there is no exact figure for his net worth.

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