Muchael Costello with brother Chris

Designer Michael Costello Brother Chris Dies! Obituary, Funeral

The untimely death of the brother of a famous designer, Michael Costello, has become heartbreaking news for him and his fans. The death of a beloved family member at such a young age is shocking.

Besides being a supportive brother, Chris was his best friend with whom he shared his happy and sad moments.

Chris Costello was born on October 22, 1993. He was a versatile individual with artistic talent and a warm personality.

Moreover, Chris was fun-loving and enjoyed traveling and spending time with his friends.

The death of such a fantastic personality is apparent to leave a deep condolence to the family and friends.

After Michael Costello posted a sad post on Instagram about the death of his beloved brother, all his fans have been searching for how he passed away.

Designer Michael Costello Brother Chris Dies: Underlying Cause

Chris Costello suddenly closed his eyes on January 21, 2024, at 31. Michael’s fans came to know this heartwrenching news through Michael’s Instagram post.

In the post, Michael Costello expressed his deep sorrow for the death of his brother. He said he still couldn’t believe this news about his baby brother.

Moreover, Michael also expressed their closeness through the post. The post shows that Michael loved his brother more than himself.

Through the post, he shared that he always covered Chris with a blanket while sleeping on the sofa and removed the shoes as Chris used to be too tired to do so.

Also, he wishes to text Chris just to know he is ok. He truly wished Chris to come home so that he could do these things again.

Michael Costellow with his brother
Chris was not only Michael’s brother but also a support and a best mate.

Michael Costello announced his sadness by posting a video of him and his brother together while traveling and having fun.

Designer Donatella Versace also expressed her deep condolences for Michael and the family’s sorrow.

Additionally, model Bella Hadid also sent prayers to Michael and his family during difficult times. She also wrote that Chris was talented and will always be in the memories through the post.

However, in this challenging time, Michael Costella has requested privacy for him and his brother. He also hasn’t disclosed the actual cause of his death yet.

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All About Chris Costello: A Supportive Brother & An Artistic Soul

Chris was the youngest son of the Costello family, and Michael Costello was his elder brother. Upon his death, Michael said that he had lost his biggest supporter.

Michael and Chris spent their childhood together. This is evident from Michael’s sad Instagram post.

The photos and the videos of them traveling to places like Disneyland prove they have an intense and loving relationship.

Chris laughing
Although Chris is not anymore, he will forever remain in many hearts. (Source: Instagram)

Although Chris was not famous like his brother Michael Costello, a designer, he was still very talented. He had a deep passion for music and artistic works.

Unfortunately, no photos or videos of Chris’s art and music talent are available.

Chris Costello is a supportive brother, loving son, and uncle in the Costello family. His death left a deep grief in the whole family.

Although the death news is public, there is no public announcement of any memorial services or further remembrance of Chris.

Chris with Michael on plane
Chris was a fun-loving, talented, and friendly person.

However, Michael had announced the donation program with a link in his Instagram story.

This shows that he finally accepts that Chris is no longer with him. Nevertheless, he will stay in the hearts of people who knew and loved him.

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