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Who Is Bobbi Althoff Parents? Family Amidst Divorce News

With the recent divorce news of Bobbi Althoff with her husband, people are interested in knowing about her personal life, including her parents. Read the article to know more about her.

Bobbi Althoff is an American podcaster and influencer born July 31, 1997.

She is famous for her interviews with well-known celebrities and some billionaires.

Her unique way of creating the podcast has gained her a great fan following on her TikTok and YouTube channels.

The questions asked by Bobbi in the podcast are different as people wonder if she is joking or being serious, which amuses both the guest and the audience.

However, Bobbi Althoff has been trending more after her divorce news broke out, and now netizens are wondering about her origin, including her parents.

Who Is Bobbi Althoff Parents? Family Amidst Divorce News

Although the divorce news gathered more attention to Bobby Althoff, netizens were always curious about her parents.

Furthermore, with growing popularity, netizens want to dig up more about celebs. So, it goes the same for Bobbi as well.

But unfortunately, Bobbi Althoff has barely shared anything about her parents.

She has opted to keep her personal and professional life separate.

Bobbi Althoff with her husband.
Bobbi Althoff announced her divorce through an Instagram post. (Source: Instagram)

Currently, there is no information on who Bobby Althoff parents and their names are.

Besides that, we do not know what her maiden name is. However, a Reddit user claims they saw her in the yearbook, and her last name starts with R.

After marrying Cory Althoff in 2020, Bobby has kept her last name almost everywhere.

But now, with her ongoing divorce news with Cory, fans are wondering if she will keep her maiden name.

She confirmed the news of their divorce on February 7, stating:

As most of you have heard, Cory and I have filed for divorce. As sad as I am right now, I am so thankful for the time I got to be his wife. Our girls are so lucky to have him as a father.

Bobbi and Cory Althoff expressed their gratitude for their time together and commented on still being parents to their children.

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Unraveling the extraordinary life of Bobbi

Bobbi Althoff is a social media influencer who is popular for creating entertaining podcasts.

She was born the youngest among six siblings in Southern California, a state in the United States.

After graduating from high school, she worked as a nanny before becoming involved in creating podcasts.

Bobbi gained fame from posting funny stories on TikTok about her pregnancy updates in 2020.

Bobbi Althoff goes shopping.
Bobbi Althoff met Cory Althoff on a dating site named Bumble. (Source: Instagram)

She built a huge fan base through her videos, attracting over 7 million followers on TikTok and over 1 million subscribers on YouTube.

After her podcast with Drake went viral on social media platforms, her show and career began to soar.

Bobbi also created podcasts with Charlie Puth, Shaquille O’Neal, Lil Yachty, and Jessica Alba.

However, based on her podcasts and social media appearances, her net worth is estimated between USD 400k and 500k.

She has made a considerable fanbase on multiple platforms, attracting millions of listeners and viewers to her podcasts with her unique style of comedy and storytelling.

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