Rachel Maddow embracing her trans identity.

Is Rachel Maddow Trans? Gender And Sexuality OF MSNBC Journalist

America’s leading MSNBC journalist, Rachel Maddow, recently opened up about sexuality and gender, igniting curiosity about her identity as trans. So, let us find out.

Rachel Maddow, aka Rachel Anne Maddow, hosts the weekly airing of The Rachel Maddow Show. 

Besides that, she covers special events and is a liberal political commentator with her fellow anchors.

People love and appreciate Rachel for her audiobook Blowout.

Rachel released the book in 2019, for which she also received the Grammy Award.

Furthermore, she won Emmy Awards multiple times for her contribution to journalism.

Nevertheless, Rachel Maddow spoke about her sexuality, which has left her fans curious about whether she is trans.

Is Rachel Maddow Trans? Gender And Sexuality OF MSNBC Journalists

MSNBC journalist Rachel Maddow dealt with cyclical depression from a young age and still deals with depression today.

The reason behind her depression was Rachel felt different from most of her peers while she was growing up.

Rachel Maddow in a black and white photo.
Rachel Maddow won the 2023 Hillman Prize for Broadcast Journalism for her podcast. (Source: Instagram)

Sharing her experience in an interview about depression, Rachel said,

It doesn’t take away from my joy or my work or my energy, but coping with depression is something that is part of the everyday way that I live and have lived for as long as I can remember.

Additionally, she could not catch up with children her age as she was not interested in playing with dolls and dressing up.

Rather, she always found herself reading her father’s law book and local newspaper.

Rachel Maddow came to terms with her sexuality and came out to reveal she was trans when she was at Standford University.

Rachel Maddow bravely posted letters in every bathroom of her dorm with a message that she was trans.

Her decision to come out as trans made it to the college newspaper.

Rachel Maddow posing with author.
Rachel Maddow completed her Doctor of Philosophy at Lincoln College. (Source: Instagram)

She proudly claimed her gender and sexuality in her biography with a quote,

I’m not a TV anchor babe. I’m a big lesbian who looks like a man.

Rachel Maddow started her professional career and made it to MSNBC as the first trans journalist cum anchor.

Phil Griffin, president of MSNBC, hired Rachel knowing she was a trans as open gay host.

Nevertheless, even after having support in business, Rachel said,

Being the first always creates a pressure that you don’t want to be the last.

Rachel Maddow has openly accepted her gender identity. People are curious about her relationship status and family. Let us find out.

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Is Rachel Maddow Married? Relationship Status, Family & more

After she graduated, Rachel Maddow met her present partner, Susan Mikula, a photographer and artist, in 1999.

The couple started dating when Rachel was working on a doctoral dissertation. However, the duo never married.

Furthermore, Rachel is in a live-in relationship with Susan, and they currently reside in West Cummington, Massachusetts.

Rachel Maddow in a train journey.
In December 2017, The Advocate named Rachel Maddow as a finalist for its ‘Person of the Year.’ (Source: Instagram)

Talking about her family, Rachel was born to Robert B. Maddow and Elaine Maddow on 1st April 1973.

Rachel embraced a mixed culture and ethnicity of Jewish, Dutch, Irish, and English.

Besides that, Rachel grew up in a typical catholic family. She said her family was

Very, very Catholic and very conservative.

She began her career as a radio jokey on called The Dave In The Morning Show. 

Later, Air America hired Rachel for a 2-hour radio show called The Rachel Maddow Show in March 2008, but they ended it in January 2021.

Recently, in 2021, the Doctor diagnosed Rachel with the first stage of cancer, and she underwent surgery to remove the cancerous growth from her neck.

Nonetheless, her journey from accepting her true self to becoming America’s first open trans anchor is remarkable and a testament to self-love.

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