Isaiah Hill Parents

Isaiah Hill Parents: Mother Felicia Martin-Hill & Father Malaney Hill

Isaiah Hill, a 19-year-old actor and basketball player from Scotch Plains, New Jersey, gained fame as Jace in the sports TV series Swagger, leading to increased curiosity about his parents and personal life.

Isaiah Hill emerged as an actor in the entertainment world in 2021, leaving a great mark on the industry.

He is known for starring in Apple TV’s Swagger as Jace Carson and is also a talented young basketball player.

In the series, he portrayed a player navigating both on-court aspirations and the challenges of being a teenager.

Additionally, with his natural talent in his debut role on Swagger, Isaiah Hill hints at a promising future, fueling fan curiosity about his parents.

Isaiah Hill Parents: Where Are They From? Family

Recently, there has been a surge in online searches for the personal life of Isaiah Hill, including details about his parents.

So, we have come up with this article aiming to provide comprehensive details about the personal life and parents of Isaiah Hill.

Isaiah Hill, born on October 2, 2002, is a beloved and versatile figure admired by fans globally.

Isaiah Hill Parents
Isaiah Hill shines on and off the screen with his loving family, as seen in his mom’s Instagram. (Source: Instagram)

He proudly represents the rich heritage of African-American ethnicity.

Isaiah Hill’s father, Malaney J Hill, is an Engineering Manager at Phone, while his mother, Felicia Martin-Hill, leads the marketing department at Essence Communication Media.

However, the parents of Isaiah Hill live separately but are sometimes seen together at family gatherings.

Even after separation, the parents have remained close to him, ensuring Isaiah Hill receives encouragement in every step of his career.

At age five, Isaiah Hill’s journey into the spotlight began when his mother, Felicia, urged him to get a film and modeling agent.

However, his future success promises not only to make the African-American community proud but also his supportive parents.

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Isaiah Hill’s Journey: Early Life and Career Highlights

Isaiah Hill gained an early insight into the entertainment industry courtesy of his aunt Lauryn Hill, a Grammy Award-winning artist.

He started with an episode and theme song for Sesame Street, opening doors to further opportunities.

Hill subsequently ventured into modeling and gracing campaigns for brands such as Children’s Place, Coca-Cola, and Essence.

Isaiah Hill Parents
Basketball hero to Hollywood star Isaiah Hill is famous for his versatility. (Source:

At thirteen, Isaiah Hill showcased his versatility as an athlete, excelling in soccer, basketball, and football.

By 16, he excelled in basketball, being one of the top 100 guards nationally and securing two division-one offers.

Despite athletic success, Hill’s mother urged him to explore a job, reigniting his childhood passion for entertainment.

In January 2019, Isaiah Hill auditioned for Apple TV’s Swagger, securing the lead role as a young Kevin Durant.

Following that, the show garnered acclaim, earning high ratings and winning awards.

Isaiah Hill forged a valuable connection with NBA star Kevin Durant during filming, gaining insights into acting and production.

Isaiah Hill Parents
Witness the brilliance of Isaiah Hill’s cast in Swagger. (Source: Instagram)

Inspired by industry peers, he established his production company, ‘Over the Hill Productions,’ in 2020, consolidating his passion for storytelling.

Isaiah Hill has been flourishing, gaining media attention and admiration for a long time.

He aims to make a lasting impact on Hollywood by inspiring young black men in the film industry.

Overall, the bond with his family, especially between Isaiah Hill and his parents, has grabbed fan curiosity.

However, Isaiah’s effort and talent promise a thriving career, which is evident in his multifaceted skills and abilities.

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