Judge Traci Soderstrom in the court room facing allegations.

Judge Traci Soderstrom Wikipedia, Age: Sending Texts On Murder Trial Scandal

Judge Traci Soderstrom recently resigned after allegations of sending a text during the murder trial,  and the shocking news has led people to search her Wikipedia page.

Judge Traci Soderstrom, former district judge of Okhalama, started her judicial career in 2018.

The seasoned judge greatly impacted her personal life with her professional career.

Nevertheless, Judge Traci Soderstrom always balanced her personal and professional life like every other working woman.

She was known to serve people in the court with fairness, integrity, professional behavior, and compassion.

However, following the accusations in the court, Judge Traci Soderstrom decided to step down from her position, sparking curiosity and making people search for her Wikipedia.

Judge Traci Soderstrom Wikipedia: Age, Bio, & career

Many people are searching for the Wikipedia page of Judge Traci Soderstrom to learn more about her personal life.

However many people get upset as there is no Wikipedia page available for Judge Traci Soderstrom.

Similarly, we have made it easy for her fans by providing information about her personal life in this Wikipedia article.

Judge Traci Soderstrom was born in Okhalama in April in the year 1973 in a loving and supportive family.

Growing up, she embraced white ethnicity and was associated with Christianity.

Judge Traci Soderstrom posing for photo.
Judge Traci Soderstrom is not active on social media platforms except Instagram. (Source: CBS News)

She studied at a local school during the formative years of her life.

Judge Traci completed her bachelor’s degree in political science and history.

Her family encouraged her to pursue a career in law and be financially independent. Hence, Judge Traci studied law at a prestigious law school.

Afterward, she became a member of the Alpha Delta Law Fraternity.

Furthermore, she began her professional career at a law firm as an associate.

Soon, she specialized in criminal, family, and criminal defense law.

Judge Traci Soderstrom got a significant opportunity to work as a municipal judge in Okhalama.

Judge Traci Soderstrom started working as a district judge in 2018 and has completed 5 years in her current position.

Despite having a prominent career in law and judgment, Judge Traci Soderstrom doesn’t have a dedicated Wikipedia page.

What makes her career graph unique is that she is the first female district judge in the history of Lincoln country.

This makes it even more surprising for Judge Traci Soderstrom not to have her Wikipedia Page.

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Judge Traci Soderstrom’s husband: Peek into her personal life

Judge Traci Soderstrom met her current husband in the same law firm where she started working.

However, Traci’s husband, David Soderstrom, was her senior lawyer.

They slowly got to know each other and started dating shortly.

Judge Traci Soderstrom posing for another photo.
Judge Traci Soderstrom has a political affiliation with a reputed political party. (Source: The Telegraph)

Eventually, after a year of dating, the duo decided to exchange vows.

The couple also has welcomed four children. However, their details are not available yet.

Similarly, the couple currently resides in Del City with their four children.

Moving on to the current scenario, Judge Traci Soderstrom faced allegations of exchanging over 500 texts during the trial. But what’s the truth? Let’s find out!

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Sending Texts On Murder Trial Scandal: Truth Busted!

After Judge Traci Soderstrom exchanged over 500 texts with a bailiff, she was accused of behaving unprofessionally.

A petition was filed mentioning Judge Traci making fun of attorneys, the jury, and the witness.

A bench sat to look into the issue and announced Judge Traci Soderstrom had to resign, and she agreed to it as part of the settlement.

Judge Traci Soderstrom texting in court room.
Judge Traci Soderstrom has a net worth of approximately $5 million.

Besides that, her accusations included partiality, neglecting duties, and oppression.

On her registration Statement, Judge Traci Soderstrom said

“I promised to ensure the law and procedures were applied equally to Plaintiff and Defendant alike,”

The text sent to the bailiff had the text of Judge Traci Soderstrom appreciating the looks of the defense attorney and mocking the prosecutor.

Judge Traci also called a video played as evidence “boring” and analyzed if the person in the video was wearing a wig or had a problem with DNA.

Judge Traci Soderstrom’s courtroom career was cut short as she had a term to stay in her position until 2027.

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