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Did Chloe Lukasiak Break Up? Relationship Timeline 2024

Recently, people have been surfing about Chloe Lukasiak, a fabulous actress who was once a famous child star, due to the rumors about her break up. Let’s find out how accurate the rumors are!

Chloe Lukasiak was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, on May 25, 2001. She is the beloved daughter of Christina (Christi) and Marc Lukasiak.

She was a brilliant child since childhood and was roaming around dance and reality TV.

Chloe began her dance classes at the Abby Lee Dance Company at 2. During that time, she focused on Ballet and Jazz.

People started to know her after she joined Lifetime’s reality show Dance Moms.

After her popularity, her fans became interested in her personal life. Eventually, the curiosity was raised more during her adulthood.

Lately, the fans of Chloe Lukasiak have been stunned due to the shocking hearsay about her break up with Brooklinn Khoury.

Did Chloe Lukasiak Break Up? Checking Relationship Status

Chloe publicly announced her relationship with Brooklinn Khoury, a famous skateboarder and Instagram influencer, on November 22, 2022.

The photos and Instagram stories proved that they had been in a pleasant relationship since then.

However, some of her fans noticed from TikTok that Chloe was not wearing her ring in 2023. During that time, Chloe and Brooklinn’s anniversary was near.

Chloe Lukasiak before break up
Chloe posted the photo of her first date after she confirmed her relationship with Brooklinn. (Source: The Today Show)

Many fans also noticed that neither Chloe nor Brooklinn wished each other their anniversary in 2023. Also, Chloe was turning off her YouTube comments that used to be usually on.

These unusual activities made fans assume that Chloe Lukasiak and Brooklinn Khoury are going through a break up.

However, gossip is that both celebrated their anniversary in early December.

Moreover, Some fans also noticed Brookline commenting a love emoji on her Instagram post.

Thus, it has been hard for them to find out if Chloe Lukasiak and Brookline are having a break up.

However, Chloe is very private and does not easily publicly expose her personal life. Thus, there is no official confirmation about Chloe Lukasiak’s and Brookline Khoury’s break up.

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All About Chloe Lukasiak: Early Life And Career

Chloe has been a very brilliant kid since her childhood. During the young age of 5-13, she actively completed her dance classes.

After that, she happily joined Dance Moms, a famous reality show.

People started to praise her talent since then. In the reality show, she was active in seasons 1 through 4.

During that time, she became her fan favorite due to her versatility, emotional maturity, and clashes with her dance instructor.

However, she did not appear on the show after 4th season. She said that there were several creative differences, and the environment was affecting her mental health.

Chloe happy with Brookline
Chloe has not confirmed her breakup with Brookline yet. (Source: E! Online)

After leaving Dance Moms, she started her career in acting. Chloe signed the movies like Center Stage: On Pointe and The Fosters.

Moreover, she also worked on TV shows like Girl Meets World and American Horror Story.

Chloe is a versatile personality who has experienced multiple career opportunities. While working on TV shows, she also launched her own YouTube channel and a clothing line.

Nevertheless, Chloe’s passion for dance never faded. She again returned to Dance Moms in the second half of season 4.

Chloe single photo
Chloe has not posted any photos with Brookline After August 2022 yet. (Source: Instagram)

Also, she announced the creation of her own dance competition experience named Chloe’s Lukasiak’s CLI Studios.

Chloe is a multitalented star who never misses sharing her struggles with her fans through social media. She timely shares about her personal life, too.

Thus, it’s better to rely on the confirmation of Chloe Lukisiak about her breakup rather than believing the spreading rumors.

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