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Kayla Nicole Plastic Surgery And Hair Transplant Rumor: Full Details

After people noticed a difference in the facial features of Kayla Nicole, rumors about her getting plastic surgery sparked on social media platforms. Did she go through surgery? Let’s find out.

Kayla Nicole is a multifaceted personality famous as a journalist, model, host, entrepreneur, and influencer.

People know her for covering sports events like the NFL and NBA and many other events such as BET, Global Grind, and All Def Digital.

She gained much more public attention after her relationship with Travis Kelce.

Moreover, she also owns a fitness brand named ‘Strong Is Sexy.’

The unreal transformation in the appearance in photographs of Kayla Nicole has caused people to wonder if she got her plastic surgery done. So, let us find out the truth.

Kayla Nicole Plastic & Hair Surgery: Did She Do It? Rumor Debunked!

Popular celebrities often attract fans to notice even the slightest change within them as they are always under the spotlight.

At the time, people’s observations noted the change in the appearance of Kayla Nicole.

Over a year, Kayla Nicole faced many comments repeatedly regarding her plastic surgery and hair transplant.

Rumors again started to spread as people compared her appearances in photographs with those that looked less altered.

Kayla Nicole attends NBA match.
Kayla Nicole owns a fitness brand named Tribe Therepe. (Source: Instagram)

The observations are often made noticing differences in her facial features, particularly lips and jawline, leading to speculations about her plastic surgery.

Similarly, many public figures alter their appearance through cosmetic procedures, which prevail in the discussion of plastic surgery on social media.

However, Kayla Nicole has publicly denied stating she did not undergo any plastic surgery, proving the rumors to be false.

Despite that, rumors about Kayla’s hair transplant are spreading because of her hairstyles and hairline selection.

Some people have assumed she undergoes a hair transplant to achieve her current look.

Nevertheless, there is no evidence to support those claims made by the people, considering Kayla Nicole has not addressed them publicly.

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A Peek At the Extraordinary Life of Kayla

Kayla Nicole was born to her parents, Roosevelt Brown and Robin Curry, on November 2, 1991.

When her parents divorced, she was very young. However, they maintained a good relationship for their children’s future.

Although Kayla Nicole’s parents were not together, she attended the Local high school for her education.

Later, Kayla enrolled at Pepperdine University and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in broadcast journalism in 2013.

Kayla Nicole in a NFL game.
Kayla Nicole owns her business niche, Kayla Nicole TV. (Source: Instagram)

After her graduation, she started her journalism career at Malibu Surfside News.

Later, she left her job as an assistant writer in Malibu to seek better opportunities.

Kayla started her remarkable career working for famous brands, events, and shows and reporting on NBA games.

Beyond her work in media covering entertaining news and podcasts such as Heart Check, she is also an accomplished model.

Kayla has worked with numerous famous brands like Crocs, Savage X Fenty, and Revolve.

Her major career spotlight is her interviews with Drake, Will Ferrell, and Amy Poehler.

She was also involved in popular organizations like ESPN and Barstool Sports.

However, after sharing the relationship with Travis Kelce for an extended period, they eventually broke up in May 2022.

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