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What Is Sneako Ethnicity, Religion And Race: Family Background

After the appearance of Sneako interacting with young boys at a Miami Marlins game went viral online, netizens are curious about his family background and ethnicity. Let’s explore the religious background of Sneako. 

A famous musical artist, Sneako, was born on 8 September 1998.

Nico Kenn De Balinthazy, aka Sneako, is well-known for his content on YouTube and TikTok.

Because of his motivational and commentary videos, he has gotten lots of support and love from fans worldwide.

Apart from this, Sneako is also a well-known Instagram star, businessman, and former comedian.

Due to his huge involvement in social media sites, many netizens are curious about the family background, ethnicity, and religion of Sneako.

Ethnicity And Religion Of Sneako: Family Background 

Recently, the public has raised rumors about the ethnicity and religion of Sneako.

As a result, fans of Sneako are wondering about his ethnicity and religious background and searching for them on the internet.

Sneako was raised in New York and spent most of his childhood in New Haven, Connecticut.

Sneako is an American but belongs to Filipino ethnicity due to his mixed family heritage.

However, Sneako follows the Christian religion and belongs to a biracial race, representing mixed ethnicity.

Talking about his parents, Sneako’s father is half-black, and his mother is Asian, which blends the cultures and backgrounds of their unique identity.

There are many details about Sneako’s professional life, but his personal life information is very limited.

Sneako taking a selfie in black t-shirt.
Nico Kenn De Balinthazy has a younger brother named Vincent. (Source: Facebook)

However talking about his love life, Sneako was in a romantic relationship with a professional model named Lily Fofana.

Moreover, he also used to post photos with her on his social media sites.

Unfortunately, the couple separated in their ways due to some relationship issues.

Since then, there have been no details about his relationship and dating as he focuses on his career.

However, due to his increased involvement on social media, people show interest in his personal life, girlfriend, and also in religion, and ethnicity.

Overall, people love him and his entertaining content on YouTube and other streaming platforms.

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A Sneak Peak at Sneako’s Life and Career

Sneako started his career on the internet while still in his cillge preparing for graduation.

He created his YouTube channel and uploaded gaming videos of popular video games since April 2013.

He completed his bachelor’s degree from a reputed institute in his city.

However, gaming videos did not increase subscriber growth, so he changed his YouTube content.

Sneako started to post on controversial topics like Is it okay to be fat? And Why men and women aren’t equal.

Likewise, his content features life-related issues, commentary, and motivational videos.

Sneako riding a bike.
Sneako never gave up on making YouTube videos even though both channels were terminated. (Source: Instagram)

Similarly, Sneako’s new content has grabbed the public’s attention and gained millions of views.

After a few years, Sneako became affiliated with the streetwear company Quality Clothing, which set job goals outside the spotlight.

By wearing streetwear, he used to fashion and post photos on social media.

Therefore, Sneako also became popular on Instagram with millions of followers.

Even though he already had a sizable fan base, he also created stand-up comedy videos and gained popularity on TikTok.

Sneako and Donald Trump standing together.
Sneako met former American president Donald Trump at the event. (Source: Twitter)

Due to some community guidelines, his first YouTube channel collapsed, and he thought of creating a new channel with the name SHNEAKO.

Similarly, Sneako began a series called One Minute Podcast, where he uploads socio-political commentary and hot takes.

He gained popularity through his YouTube channel, i.e., “SNEAKO,” where he got over 2 million subscribers.

Moreover, it has all become possible because of his consistency, passion, and contribution towards his interests.

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