Sabrina Siddiqui on a beach embracing her career despite not having a Wikipedia page.

Sabrina Siddiqui Wikipedia, Age: Husband Muhammad Ali Syed Jafri Details

WSJ reporter Sabrina Siddiqui received a backlash for asking the Indian Prime Minister a question on the rights of Muslims, grabbing global attention and making people search her Wikipedia page. 

American Journalist Sabrina Siddiqui is a reporter at the White House for the reputed Wall Street Journal.

Besides that, Sabrina is a CNN political analyst and appears on the discussion panel now and then.

Sabrina Siddiqui previously covered news for The Huffington Post and The Guardian.

Furthermore, she is best known for engaging coverage during the presidential election in 2012 and 2016.

Nevertheless, Sabrina Siddiqui created a buzz on the internet with her question to Narendra Modi about human rights protection for minority communities like Muslims.

Following that, people are eager to know about her professional and personal life through Wikipedia of Sabrina Siddiqui.

Sabrina Siddiqui Wikipedia: Early Life and Career 

Prominent Journalist Sabrina Siddiqui was born on December 8, 1986, in New Jersey, United States. Moreover, she is 37 years old as of now.

Sabrina was the first and only daughter of Jamir Siddiqui and Nishan Siddiqui, both business owners at Nishant’s Kitchen.

Sabrina Siddiqui with her family on wedding.
Sabrina Siddiqui has a younger brother named Anwar Siddiqui. (Source: Instagram)

Furthermore, her father was born in India but raised in Pakistan, while her mother was born and raised in Pakistan.

Despite being born into a conservative Muslim family, her family encouraged Sabrina Siddiqui to be financially independent.

Growing up, Sabrina studied at a local school and completed her degree in Journalism at Northwest University.

Upon graduation, she started her professional career at the Bloomberg News.

Sabrina Siddiqui with her husband on streets.
Sabrina Siddiqui follows the Islam Religion. (Source: Instagram)

Later, Sabrina diversified in the South Asian News Industry with South Asian News Network.

After working as an Editor in Chief for the South Asian News Network, Huffington Post hired her as a political reporter.

Following that, Sabrina Siddiqui made her presence prominent in political news at The Guardian.

Currently, the WSJ reporter covers events and politicians’ visits to The White House.

Despite having such a successful career, Sabrina Siddiqui doesn’t have a dedicated Wikipedia page.

Nevertheless, Sabrina Siddiqui has opened up a lot about her personal life, and we have accumulated all the information in this article like a Wikipedia page.

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Who is Sabrina Siddiqui’s Husband? Children and More

The lack of a Wikipedia page for Sabrina Siddiqui has made verifying the information about her marital status difficult.

Nevertheless, Sabrina Siddiqui posts and talks about her personal life a lot in her interviews.

Sabrina Siddiqui met the love of her life, Muhammad Ali Syed Jafri, in an online dating app called Bumble in 2016.

Sabrina Siddiqui with her husband and children in a park.
Sabrina Siddiqui is available on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter. (Source: Instagram)

Shortly, they started dating and stayed in a private relationship for two years.

Soon, Jafri proposed to her in October 2018, and the duo married in June 2019.

Her husband is a Senior Researcher at National Securities Innovation and has worked there for several years.

Additionally, Jafri has started his entrepreneurial journey with a new passion project side by side.

The couple is blessed with a cute baby girl, Sofia. Besides that, Jafri and Sabrina profoundly love animals, especially dogs.

Sabrina has a pet dog whose pictures are all over her Instagram account. Furthermore, enjoys watching cricket with her husband.

She is an ardent follower of the Indian Cricket team despite having Pakistani roots.

Sabrina has come a long way from dreaming of working in the news industry to accompanying President Joe Biden.

This was a cover trip to Ukraine in 2023 after the explosive war between Russia and Ukraine.

Her journey is one of a kind, and she is still going on to achieve more success in her career graph.

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