Destin Conrad is singing on the stage.

Is Destin Conrad Gay? Gender And Sexuality

After gaining massive popularity from the album Submissive, gay rumors of Destin Conrad are circulating all over the internet. What is the truth? Let’s find out!

Born on June 25, 2000, Destin Conrad grew up in Tampa, Florida, and as of 2024, he is 23 years old.

He is a well-known songwriter and singer in the music industry and a young YouTube star in America.

Some of his big song hits include In the Air, Outta Control, Colorway, and Ambre’s Interlude.

Destin’s popularity in the music industry increased significantly after he collaborated with famous singer Kehlani.

However, recently, discussions regarding the sexuality of Destin Conrad have raised questions about whether Destin Conrad is gay or not.

Is Destin Conrad Gay? Gender And Sexuality 

Nowadays, it has become common for celebrities to get into rumors such as gay, trans, and plastic surgery.

Recently, questions regarding the gender and sexuality of Destin Conrad have been making headlines all over the internet.

As a result, many netizens are curious whether artist Destin Conrad is gay or not and are waiting for valid information.

However, Destin Conrad reveals that he is a cisgender male, which proves he is straight.

Destin Conrad is taking mirror selfie.
Destin Conrad shares a photo of him wearing a white top on Twitter. (Source: Twitter)

Not long ago, a photo of Destin Conrad went viral all over social media where he appeared wearing a girl’s white top.

After people saw this photo, they started to wonder whether he was gay or it was just his fashion.

Regarding the photo, there were many positive and negative comments.

Some critics also said wearing tops is unusual for boys as it is a girly thing.

However, Destin says he does not believe these gender norms. Also, he mentions that he does the things he likes.

Moreover, Destin has never confirmed in public whether he is gay or not, and he is currently single.

Thus, just based on wearing a girl’s top doesn’t define Destin Conrad as gay unless he confirms himself to the public.

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A Peek at Destin’s Life: Career and Family Background

Due to the rising concern about Destin’s gender, people are also curious about his personal life.

Destin Conrad is a multi-talented artist and a social media star.

Destin completed his studies at a reputed high school in Florida and attended a bachelor’s degree level.

Likewise, after some years, he decided to take a break from his studies and instead focus on a professional career.

Destin Conrad standing on the stage.
Singer and Youtuber Destin Conrad has a sister. (Source: Instagram)

At first, he began to post videos on Vine daily and further progressed for a longer time.

Destin became a Vine superstar as he was known for his hilarious facial expressions and dance moves.

He also featured with singers like Lionel Richie and Amanda Steele in a video in 2014.

After that, Destin created a YouTube Channel titled Destin Conard and started publishing videos there.

Destin and Kehlani sitting together.
Destin is close to the American singer, songwriter, and dancer Kehlani. (Source: Facebook)

Further, Destin gained huge fans and collaborated with different artists on his music albums.

Moreover, Destin’s interest propelled toward music, and he gained fame with his great music albums.

He also publishes his music on his YouTube channel, where he has millions of subscribers.

Destin has earned a decent amount of money through his music and YouTube career.

Regarding his parents, Destin keeps information private about his mother, father, and his sister.

It might be because Destin Conrad wants to keep his personal life private; however, his gay rumor took place, creating another controversy.

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