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Tyler Perry Dating Crystal Hayslett Rumor: Friends Or Lovers?

Due to the blossoming closeness between Tyler Perry and Crystal Hayslett, most Tyler fans are curious if they are dating each other. 

Tyler Perry was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, on September 13, 1969. During his childhood, he had to go through struggles due to poverty and an abusive father.

Since Tyler was a kid, he has been deeply interested in thoughtful writing, which led him to author his first successful play, I Know I’ve Been Changed, in 1992.

However, he got a meager audience there due to financial struggles.

However, he finally arrived at his turning point in 1998 when he played the role of Madea in I Can Do Bad All By Myself. Gradually, his films started becoming hits at the box office.

Later 2008, he established Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta, Georgia. This made him well-settled in the entertainment industry.

In 2013, Crystal Hayslett joined Tyler Perry Studios as a production assistant and eventually became Tyler’s stylist.

Recently, there has been a rising concern among fans of Tyler Perry about whether he is dating Crystal Hayslett due to their closeness. Let’s find out the truth behind the rumors.

Is Tyler Perry Dating Crystal Hayslett? Relationship Status

One year after Tyler established Tyler Perry Studio, he met Gelila Bekele, an Ethiopian model and filmmaker. They started their long-term relationship in 2009.

Tyler and Gelila were a happy couple for about 11 years. While together, Gelila gave birth to Tyler’s son Aman in 2014.

Tyler Perry and Galila
Tyler was in a happy relationship with Galila before he met Crystal.

However, both of them shockingly ended their relationship in 2020. Although Tyler and Gelila weren’t together, they still co-parented their son.

There are many rumors that the reason behind the end of Tyler and Gelila’s relationship is Crystal Hayslett.

There is also much hearsay that Tyler Perry is dating Crystal after he broke up with Gelila.

Some also say he was in a relationship with Crystal while married to Gelila.

Tyler and galila with son Aman
Tyler got a son from Galila in the middle of their long-term relationship.

However, Tyler mentioned that he never married and is a single bachelor.

Despite having a son with Gelila, she has never been Tyler’s wife.

Additionally, Tyler Perry never confirmed that he has any relations with Crystal beyond the friendship.

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How Did Tyler Dating Crystal Hayslett Rumor Start?

The rumors about Tyler Perry and Crystal Hayslett dating started when she became Tyler’s stylist.

Tyler and Crystal were close friends during that period, but Tyler was in a long-term relationship with Gelila. Moreover, Gelila was expecting Tyler’s baby.

Crystal was very hardworking and was doing a lot for Tyler Perry studious.

Her dedication to the studio also raised further curiosity among fans.

Tyler and Crystal looking like they are dating each other
Through Facebook, Crystal showed her closeness with Tyler, making the fans curious about their relationship.

Additionally, Tyler also inspired Crystal for her hard work and dedication in the programs Sistas and The Wealthy and The Poor.

These good comments of Tyler for Crystal may also be the reason behind the rumors.

As Crystal has been working for Tyler for a very long time, it’s obvious for them to face hearsay about their blooming g relationship.

There were more rumors about Tyler and Crystal’s relationship status when Crystal posted a photo on Facebook on June 22, 2022, along with Tyler and other companions.

This confused the fans about whether Tyler Perry is dating Crystal or they are just friends. It’s because Crystal mentioned Tyler as ‘Old Buddy’ in the post.

Tyler Perry and Crystal singing
Tyler Perry and Crystal are not dating but are close buddies. (Source: Facebook)

Additionally, Tyler and Crystal clearly mentioned that the rumors about them dating were false.

They further cleared that they had never been in love.

Thus, Tyler Perry and Crystal Hayslett are not dating. Tyler focuses on serving his family and raising his son Aman and his ex-wife Galila.

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